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An Apple Red As Blood

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An Apple A Day

Mary Margaret's Hovel. Mary's making breakfast even though in the last scene, the bell rings and the children run into school before Regina leaves the card on Paige's bike. Who's the principal of this joint? An adulterous teacher, once accused of murder, is free to make her own hours? Nice gig if you can get it. When Emma arrives home, Mary makes it clear she's hurt and angry that Emma would leave without even saying goodbye. "Do you remember when I left -- when I ran -- what you said to me? You said we have to stick together. We're like...family." She can't understand how the same woman who said that could up and leave without a word. Emma doesn't want any of "this" -- with "this" being responsibility. When Mary asks, "What about Henry?" Emma says, "I took him with me." Mary: "You abducted him?" Emma: "Maybe." Jennifer Morrison's delivery is perfect there. Mary points out how absurd Emma's being, which saves my blood pressure. Running isn't best for the kid. Emma is reverting into the person she was before she came to Storybrooke. Mary tells Emma she needs to figure out what is best for Henry, and do it now.

Enchanted Forest, Night. Snow, Granny, Ruby, Grumpy and the rest of the dwarfs are scoping out George's castle in advance of Operation Rescue Charming. When Granny says they're going to need air support, Grumpy says he knows just the person to provide it, and it's one who owes him a favor. Just then, Red returns. Grumpy gestures towards his lips. "Uh, Red, you've got someone on your chin." Hee. Red apologizes and wipes her mouth. She has information. Charming is still alive. The bad news is that Regina is there. Granny says it's a trap. Snow knows it is. She understands if any of them want to turn back, but she must carry on. Snow's crew is inexplicably loyal, so they shout down her suggestion. Once Red has a moment alone with Snow, she asks what's up Queenie's butt. Snow says she destroyed her happiness, so now Queenie wants to destroy hers. I think the less often the show reminds me how pettily psychotic Regina is about Snow's "sins" the better off we'll be.

Dungeon. Queenie visits Charming and tries to get frisky, but he fends her off. He offers his life in place of Snow's. I don't want him killed, but this seems like a "fair" trade. Snow is "at fault" for Daniel's death (in every way except not at fricking all, since she was a little girl who was manipulated by an evil witch). Regina can take Charming's life in exchange. Regina's not out for blood. She's out for pain and suffering. As she leaves Charming, she pulls out a beautiful red apple, which you just know has to be chock full of Sleeping Curse. When she holds it over her shoulder for Charming to see, he tries to break the cell bars, but to no avail. Who let him read plot spoilers?

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