Once Upon a Time
An Apple Red As Blood

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An Apple A Day

Enchanted Forest. George's Castle. Snow makes it down to the dungeon. She rushes toward Charming's cell and lets herself in before she realizes that she wasn't seeing and looking directly at him. He's appearing via a magical mirror. He's in Queenie's dungeon, not George's. When she cries, "No," Charming explains where he is. Snow says, "But I'm rescuing you." Charming chuckles and says her name. She wonders if this will always be their life -- taking turns finding each other. Charming says he knows they'll be together. "Have faith." Snow presses her hand against the reflection of Charming's hand, and then he disappears in a flash. Queenie appears, cackling. "I just had to stop you. I have no interest in cleaning tongue marks off of my mirror." Snow tells Queenie to let Charming go. "Your fight is with me." Queenie agrees and proposes a parlay. They'll lay aside the fighting and talk. "Come unarmed." Snow asks where they'll meet. Regina: "Where it all began." Commercial.

Snow regroups with her Company. Where are they? Is George just letting them use a room in his castle? Maybe the fairy dust knocked out everyone in the joint except this group. Anyhow, Grumpy encourages Snow to keep a small knife hidden, but Snow is determined to abide by the parlay agreement. Red tells her she's too noble for her own good. Snow can't let anyone else get hurt by Regina because of her. She's off to face the Big Bad, alone. The dwarfs try to stop her, but Snow won't let them. "I love each and every one of you, but this is something I have to do." Once she's gone, Red says, "I don't like this. I don't trust that Queen."

Storybrooke. Regina and Jefferson go to the room beneath Father Henry's crypt. Jefferson lays the hat on the floor, but it's clearly out of gas. Regina suggests waiting a moment to let it absorb some magical residue. When nothing happens, she gathers up some magical trinkets and tosses them in the hat. There's no active magic left in them, though. Jefferson says they need something that still works. Regina takes out the brass saddle ring that Daniel gave her long ago and far away. His face appears in it. Jefferson can see its magic is still working. Regina is loath to part with it, but not as loath as she is to let the Dark Curse fail. The hat spins to a start. It won't open a full portal through which they can enter, but if Regina can think of something small enough to be grasped with one hand, Jefferson thinks he can reach through and grab it for her. Regina smiles. She believes she knows just the thing. Jefferson hands her the hat and tells Regina to direct him to the time and place in which the object exists. Regina asks, "How?" Jefferson: "Think about it. Guide the hat." The hat starts spinning with more force. Purple haze fills the crypt. Jefferson asks what they're after. Regina says, "An apple." Yeah, we got there like 20 minutes ago, folks. Commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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