Once Upon a Time
An Apple Red As Blood

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An Apple A Day

Enchanted Forest, Day. When Snow arrives on the grounds of Henry and Cora's estate, she finds Regina waiting in the stable. Regina is caught in a tearful reverie until she hears Snow's voice. She leads our Princess out to the hillside where she saved her life. Snow remembers, and says it all looks the same. Regina leads her to a gravestone decorated with an out-of-place pink heart. It's Daniel's grave. For all these years, Snow believed that Daniel ran off and abandoned Regina. Regina says, "I told you that to spare your feelings out of... kindness, but he died because of you." Snow says she's sorry, but Regina says, "Nothing can change what happened -- what you did. You promised to keep my secret. You promised, but you lied." Snow tries to explain that she was very young and manipulated by Regina's mother, but Regina interrupts. "She ripped his heart out, because of you -- because you couldn't listen to me." Snow: "You took my father. Haven't we both suffered enough?" Regina says, "No," then takes out the apple. When Regina blathers that apples represent health and wisdom, Snow asks why she's pretty sure that one will kill her. Regina says it won't kill her. Instead, it will trap her inside her own lifeless body, as though it were a tomb. Snow assumes Regina will force her to eat the apple, but Regina says Snow must willingly eat it for the curse to work. And then Regina ups the ante; eat the apple or Charming will be killed. Snow grabs the apple, congratulates Regina on winning, then takes a big bite. As soon as she swallows it, her body starts to contort in pain. Back in his dungeon, Charming can feel its poison killing his true love. Back on the hillside, Snow collapses. Cut to Charming, rising to his feet. "Snow." He shakes the bars of his cell and yells, "What have you done to her? What have you done? SNOW!" Back on the hillside, the apple rolls out of Snow's limp hand, rolls down the hill and into a purple portal. We cut to...

Storybrooke, Crypt. The apple pops out of the hat. Jefferson catches it in midair and asks if it's what Regina wanted. It is. He asks about Grace. Regina reminds him the deal isn't done until she solves the next conundrum. "How to get the savior to taste my forbidden fruit?"

Regina's Storybrooke Kitchen. As Regina bakes an apple turnover, Emma arrives unexpectedly. Regina can't believe her good fortune. Emma wants to make a deal. She is willing to acknowledge Regina is Henry's mother. Emma will leave town, provided she still gets to visit him from time to time. Regina argues just enough to be convincing, then she finally agrees. She invites Emma into the kitchen and removes the poisoned pastry from the oven and packs it up for Emma, with some extra B.S. about being cordial. Emma, still too dumb to live, never questions why someone would go to all that trouble just to make one apple turnover. She just blindly takes up Regina on her offer of a little something for the road. Superpower super schmower. Commercial.

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