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An Apple Red As Blood

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An Apple A Day

Enchanted Forest. Snow's company arrives on the scene. Granny and Red scope out the stable. Red says she can smell that Snow is there. From outside, someone calls to them. The Dwarfs have found Snow's body. Red demands Granny's dagger and holds it up to Snow's nose. I have to stop my TiVo to explain to my kids that were Snow breathing, it would cause condensation to build up on the blade. This is the umpteenth thing I've had to explain to them, and it's annoying me more than it should. How did I get this hole in my heart? Is it just end-of-season exhaustion, or have I been casting dark curses on the sly? You be the judge. Anyhow, Red gets to make a melodramatic speech about how Snow sacrificed herself for true love. Grumpy adds, "She sacrificed herself for all of us." Since Snow is one of the main heroes of the show, and because the series began with Charming kissing Snow and breaking the curse, I'm afraid this scene is less poignant than was intended.

Knifingham Palace. Regina watches the sad scene through her magic mirror and snickers. "It appears sacrifice is overrated." And who needs iPads? With a waggle of her finger, she changes to a view of Charming. He's still mouldering in his cell, screaming, "What have you done to her? What have you done?"

Storybrooke, Mr. Gold's Pawnshop. Regina comes in and says she hopes Gold bought travel insurance, because no one is going anywhere. She found a solution to her Emma Swan problem -- an old reliable one. Gold asks how she managed to obtain a Sleeping Curse in Storybrooke. Regina: "By sacrificing the last bit of magic I had left." Gold: "So you made magic from magic. Well, I'm sure I don't have to remind you that all magic comes with a price." Regina tells him he can pay it because now the curse will be stronger than ever, and Gold will remain right here where he belongs. "Don't you understand? I won, so whatever plan you had -- whatever reason you wanted the curse broken -- too bad, because it's never going to happen."

Henry arrives at Mary and Emma's as Emma is packing up to leave town. She realizes Henry was right. She knows she can't take him out of Storybrooke, but she can't stay, either. She explains the deal she made with Regina. Henry tries to talk her out of it, but Emma insists it's what best for him. Every time she tries to fight Regina, someone gets hurt. Henry says this is just a low moment -- the kind you have before you fight back. Emma is practically in tears as she crouches down to face her boy. She tells him this isn't a story; it's reality. Things have to change. He can't skip school, run away or believe in curses. This is how it has to be right now. "I made a deal. I used my superpower. She's telling the truth. She's going to take really good care of you." Henry understands that, but says Regina wants Emma dead, and Emma is the only one who can stop her. Emma says all Regina has ever done is fight for Henry. "It just got out of hand. I'm sorry." Henry throws his arms around Emma. His head ends up underneath one of her arms though, she she's having a hard time hugging him back. It is then that he notices the turnover sitting on the counter and asks who made it. When he learns it was Regina, he rushes for it, because he knows it's poisoned. Emma still thinks Henry's the one who refuses to face reality, but that's only because she's still refusing to face reality. She is going to take a bite of the pastry to prove to the boy that it's harmless, but he gets to it first. "I'm sorry it had to come to this. You may not believe in the curse, or in me, but I believe in you." He takes a big bite of the turnover. Just as Emma starts to ask him if he'd like some ice cream with it, Henry falls to the floor -- appearing lifeless, because of the Sleeping Curse. Emma shouts his name 'til we fade to black.

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