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With no time for previous scenes, we open at night in the Enchanted Past. Standing on the deck of the Jolly Roger, which is sailing off the shores of Neverland, Hook is looking at his sketch of Milah when Smee approaches and assures the Captain her death will be avenged. Right now, Hook is more interested in the boy they yanked from the briny deep, and wonders where he came from since his clothes aren't of this land. Smee asks, "What if the boy belongs to Him -- the ones He kidnaps from other worlds?" I hope they're from a world with better syntax. Hook wonders if they could be so lucky. Returning the boy to Him could be their key to surviving in Neverland. Oh great, like Greg...Owen...Growen... Groan's Her wasn't bad enough. Now we've got to deal with Him. Him. Him. Cue my Rupert Holmes earworm.

Hook finds Baelfire below deck, and says he's lucky to be alive. Bae turns toward his savior/captor slowly. "Lucky? I'm a prisoner of pirates in a land cursed with magic." Hook says, "Most children think they've found paradise when they lay their eyes on Neverland's magic. Why else leave home in the first place?" When Bae says he came here so a family he loves could live, Hook mocks the boy's heroism. Bae snaps at Hook for being a pirate, so Hook points out this particular pirate saved Bae from the "Curse of the Mermaids." I'm pretty sure this is the second episode in a row (and maybe third this season) to mention mermaids. Paging Ariel. Bae tells Hook a pirate killed his mother and tore apart his family, and that his cowardly father left him. This catches Hook's attention. He asks the boy his name, and manages not to keel over when he finally answers, "Baelfire." Hook hands Bae another blanket and says, "Welcome aboard, Baelfire. It's a pirate's life for you." Title card.

Storybrooke. Day. Henry swings at the park as Granny and her trusty crossbow stand guard. In the recaplet, I covered this scene in detail, so please allow me to plagiarize myself. Lurking at a distance, Mr. Gold begins to magically unravel the swing's ropes, hoping his Undoing will smash his head on the pointy rocks nearby. Who the hell leaves rocks like that so close to a swing in a children's playground in the first place? Oh right, Storybrooke was created by the Dark Curse designed by Rumpelstiltskin and cast by the Evil Queen. Of course there are dangerous rocks right next to the swings. Carry on.

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