Once Upon a Time
And Straight On 'Til Morning

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Storybrooke Harbor. Hook sails the Jolly Roger out of port. As he goes, we see the magic bean clutched in his hot little hand. I've seen criticism of Emma for not checking the pouch for the bean when they were back at the diner, but while I too wish she had, I understand why she didn't. Charming is the one who gave it to her and told her it contained the bean. Hook snatched it from her, but he never left her sight. What she didn't consider, however, is that he did turn his back to her. That must be when he stole the bean. Sure, he's one handed, but he's a pirate, and quick on his feet... when he's on them, rather than his arse, at least. Commercial.

Enchanted Past. Night. The Jolly Roger seems to be anchored off Neverland's shore. Bae looks ready to jump ship and asks to be dropped anywhere. Hook knows the boy is angry but tells him this ship can be his home and family. "Just say the word. It's not too late to start over. I can change, Bae. For you." Bae thinks his words are meaningless. "All you care about is yourself." Hook's voice is choked with tears, but he forces his bravado to the fore. "Thank you for reminding me what I'm all about -- killing your father." At that, the shrouded Lost Ones board the ship. Felix watches as two of them grab Bae, who says, "You're not letting me go." Hook wonders, "How would that help me?" Bae yells, "You hated my father so much, you didn't even realize you were just like him." Hook looks like Bae's words sting, but says nothing until the Lost Ones have taken him off the ship. Addressing Felix, he finally says, "You have the boy. He will be pleased?" Saying nothing, Felix jumps over the side. Hook and Smee go to the rail and look down at the dinghy. A Lost One puts a hood over Bae's head. Hook returns to the ship's wheel. When he sees his Port and Starboard scratchings on the cabinet, he uses his hook to scratch them out in the form of a Z. So uh, I batten the hatches and brace yourselves next season for Hook and Zorro, the Gay Blade 2: Electric Boogaloo. Before we move on, let's have a...

Sidebar. So, here's the deal. Hook being Hook, I think he plays every moment ready to abandon one path for another. I think his offer to let Bae stay with him and form the family Milah would have wanted was utterly sincere. I also think he knew the Lost Ones were on their way back. In my opinion, had Bae opted to stay, Hook and his crew would have fought off the Lost Ones. Since Bae rejected him, though, I also think Hook is self-centered enough to take the expedient path -- surrender the boy and try to profit from it. What do you think? Now, let's flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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