Once Upon a Time
And Straight On 'Til Morning

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Enchanted Past. Night. Neverland. Felix presents Bae to some more shrouded (I keep using that word when it's not exactly what I mean -- the have hoods on and cloths hiding most of their faces) Lost Ones and asks, "Is it the boy? The one He wants. A Lost One looks from the sketch in his hand to Bae and says, "No, it's not." Felix tells Bae it's his lucky day. "You get to live." He shoves Bae toward some other Lost Ones and says, "Put him with the rest." We flash forward to...

Storybrooke Harbor. Jolly Roger. Emma hands Hook the bean. He casts it into the water. That's a hell of a throw. The Red Sox could use you, Hook. As the portal opens, the members of Operation Moppet crew the ship like they've been doing so their whole lives. Charming asks Gold who they're up against, adding, "Who are Greg and Tamara?" Gold says, "They're merely pawns..." The fandom says, "We've been saying that for half the season." Gold adds, "...Manipulated by forces far greater than they can conceive. They have no idea who they're truly working for." Emma asks who that might be. Gold says, "Someone we all should fear." Dammit. Is it the Man In Black? We flash back to the...

Enchanted Past. A "shrouded" (what -- I'm owning my mistake) Lost One tells Felix, "That's not the boy He's looking for." He hands Felix the sketch, then adds, "You think we'll be able to find him?" Felix smiles. "Of course we will. May take time, but Peter Pan never fails." The camera pans to the sketch. It's of Henry! We flash forward to...

Storybrooke Harbor. Hook sails the Jolly Roger and our main cast right into the portal. As soon as they're down, the portal closes up and it's nothing but smooth sea. Dun dun dun!

I really loved this episode. It wasn't without its little issues, but it gave me so much hope for Season 3. I'm short on time, so I just want to do one bit of housekeeping before I leave you for the summer: In the recaplet, I mentioned that I was taken aback by some elements of the timeline, surrounding Bae's disappearance from the Enchanted Forest, and Rumpel's murder of Milah. I wasn't as clear as I should have been, and ended up confusing the issue. In my head, I had expected that Bae was gone a lot longer before Hook and Milah returned to Rumpy's neck of the woods, where she lost her life and Hook lost his hand. There's no canonical reason for that. It's just what I thought. Since Bae was only in England for six months and however many weeks, it all took me off guard, but I realized it was all possible. I'm not going to repeat my recaplet wording here because I don't want to perpetuate the confusion (which is all my fault). There's no problem between the continuity of the events in "Crocodile" and the events of "And Straight On 'Til Morning." I knew there wasn't by the time I wrote the recaplet. I just could have worded things better.

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Once Upon a Time




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