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Emma and her parents arrive, so Gold stops before he kills the boy. While Emma talks to Henry, Snow and Charming get the thankless job of telling Gold what happened to Neal. Gold assumes his son is dead. Charming tells Gold that the Two-Headed Obstacle that is Groan and Tamara stole Regina's failsafe trigger, and asks Gold for his help. Even when Charming reminds Gold that the Two-Headed Obstacle killed his son, Gold refuses his aid. "They didn't kill my son. I did. I brought magic to this world to find Bae, and now he's dead. Magic always has a price and this is it, but I'm prepared to pay it." Snow says, "But we'll die. You'll die." Gold says, "I've made my peace with that," and limps off, leaving Snow and Charming with their fetching chins on the ground. We cut to the...

Mines. Hook follows the Two-Headed Obstacle into the mines and asks who commands them. Groan says that's neither Hook's concern nor theirs. Hook and I find it a bit odd that the Obstacle seems to neither know nor care who their employer is, but Tamara says, "Unlike you, Hook, we believe in something. We have faith in the sacredness of our cause." By then Groan has found what he's looking for -- the dwarfs' pickaxes. Hook finds that a bit empty as sacred causes go. He should only have to write about these two. Ugh.

Tamara produces the black diamond which will trigger the failsafe. The axe will activate it. Even the reprobate Hook finds it a bit off-putting that they're going to wipe out an entire town and kill everyone in it, and asks if Rumpelstiltskin will be immune to it. Tamara says, "None of your kind will be. Once this thing gets activated, nothing can shut it off." Groan adds, "This whole town will revert to the forest it was. So tell us, Hook. We're willing to die for our cause. Are you willing to die for yours?" Silly rabbits. Hook is Hook's cause. The Obstacle seems to believe him when he answers, "Absolutely." Tamara lays the diamond on a rock. Groan smashes it with the pickaxe. Well, that was... simplistic. The diamond changes from black to blue, levitates, spins, glows and gives off some sort of shockwave. Hook and the Two-Headed Obstacle, flee the mine. Out on the street, vine-like tree limbs wrap themselves around the library. In the tower, the clock face glows as blue as the activated trigger diamond. Commercial.

Snow's Hovel. Regina has just put on her kicky boots when Henry, Emma, Snow and Charming return home. Just as Regina goes to hug the boy, the earth trembles. Regina can tell the diamond has been activated. Henry worries that they'll all die, but Regina says since he was born there, he'll live. This remains the party line throughout the episode. It makes me wonder about Cinderella's baby, and about Emma and Pinocchio. Oh, I know the last two weren't born here, but they weren't cursed, either. That is, they arrived in our world before Regina cast the Dark Curse back in the Enchanted Forest, so reversing the curse shouldn't kill those two -- at least it wouldn't if I were this show's Continuity Fairy. The episode's conclusion will render my questions moot, so I have no clue why I'm sharing them with you. You're welcome.

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