Once Upon a Time
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Henry, of course, doesn't want to be left all alone, and who can blame him? Certainly not Emma, who feels her son's words too deeply. She insists that Regina find a way to fix it and won't take Regina's, "I can't," for an answer. Henry tells them to stop their bickering. "I already lost my dad. I don't want to lose anyone else. We have to work together." I wait for Jack to pop in and add, "...Or die alone," but instead, Hook enters. "From the mouths of babes. I'd say the lad has a point." Before he can utter another word, Charming sucker punches Hook in the face, and says, "That's for the last time we met." Hurrah! Don't get me wrong. I like Hook, but I have a list of people I want to see Charming pop, and Hook's name is second. I'm sure you know who tops the list. Charming pulls out his service revolver and says, "Tell us why you're here, before I use something else other than my fist." I'm going to refill my coffee cup, to give the fanfic writers a moment to jot down their plot bunnies...

There. All set, dears? Hook figures Charming's threat is redundant since they're all about to die. Emma says, "No thanks to you. Regina just told us you were working with Tamara and Greg to get your revenge." Hook changed his mind, once he learned he'd have to die to get it. He suggests they stop the trigger now, and bicker later. Regina says there is not stopping it. The best she can do is delay the inevitable. Charming says that will give them the time they need to steal back the beans and get everyone back to the Enchanted Forest before the failsafe is fully triggered. Hook knows where the Two-Headed Obstacle is, but since you can't trust him as far as Henry could throw him, Charming will tag along with him on Bean Quest. "If he tries anything, I'll shoot him in the face." Emma will take Regina to slow down the trigger. Snow and Henry will gather everyone and get them ready to go as soon as Team White Hat gets back the beans. On her way out, Regina stops Henry. "...I'm sorry for what's happened. I tried to be the person that you wanted me to be and I failed, but I won't let you be alone. You just know that I love you." Henry says, "I love you, too," and they hug. Over the boy's shoulder, his two mommies exchange a meaningful glance. Hook says tells Charming, "The things we do for our children," and everyone is off. We flash back to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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