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Jolly Roger. As the Lost Ones row a dinghy toward the ship, Smee pleads with Hook to hand Bae over to them. Hook says he can't part with the Dark One's son, who is the key to his revenge. But when he says, "I won't lose him," it sounds more like he refuses to part with Bae because he's Milah's.

A blond Lost One, whom some confused for Peter Pan, is actually Felix (played by Parker Croft). Felix and a few shrouded Lost Ones board the Jolly Roger. Hook knows they work for Him. Him. Him. Felix says, "We're looking for a boy who was seen adrift nearby -- a boy He has a particular interest in." Hook lies that there's no boy aboard his vessel and gives the Lost Ones leave to search the ship. Bae is hidden in some sort of crawl space, possibly against the ceiling of the hold. At any rate, he remains undetected, throughout the search. Felix pimps his boss's reputation. "You're new to this land, so I should warn you. Do you know what He does to people who lie to him? [...] He rips your shadow right from your body. R-r-r-r-r-rip." When the search proves fruitless, Felix bids Hook goodbye, but reminds him that if he finds a boy, the boy belongs to the mysterious Him. Once the coast is clear, Hook opens the hold's hatch to find Bae smiling at him. The boy says, "I thought pirates only cared for themselves." Hook returns the grin. "Well, you have a lot to learn, boy." Hopefully, unlike August, he'll learn none of it in Phuket. We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Gold's shop. Gold returns to find the dwarfs have invaded his shop. He berates them for apocalyptic looting, but Grumpy points out, "It ain't looting if the stuff you find is already yours. We need Sneezy's drinking stein. We can bring his memories back. [...] Mother Superior finally figured it out." Holding up a vial filled with blue potion, he adds, "He needs to drink this out of his old stein -- something important to him." Gold speaks for the audience when he makes it clear it's a bit rich that Blue figured out how to cure Townline Amnesia on the day they're all to die. Sneezy's a bit taken aback by the word die, but Happy tries to calm him, as Grumpy continues his exposition dump. Blue needed a hair from Pinocchio's head, since he wasn't subject to the Dark Curse, and has been returned to who he's supposed to be.

Gold's smile is wry. "So, you're going to wake your friend up to tell him he's about to die." Sneezy says, "I don't want that." Grumpy says, "Shut it, Clark," and turns his attention back to Gold. "He wants know who he is and be with his family, no matter how much time he has left." Sneezy: "Not if I'm going to die." The dwarfs decide to take Sneezy back to Granny's. On the way out, he says, "Hey, guys, if I don't have a family, will I still die?" I'm low on time and was trying not to transcribe too much, but this is a fun scene, and one that makes me realize how much Season Two skimped on our beloved, familiar secondary characters. I'll say it one last time, before this season is officially over for me: The season suffered from too much concentration on Regina, which was only compounded by the fact that her arc felt like it was built on sinking sand. I'm fine with her trying to be good and failing, but her motives were never sufficient, and Cora turned her way too easily. There. I adore this show, but I hope these problems are addressed in Season Three. Now let's move forward.

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