Once Upon a Time
And Straight On 'Til Morning

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Before he leaves, Grumpy walks back to the counter and hands another vial of memory potion to Gold. "I asked her to make a second dose. This is for you. [...] Belle once helped remind me of who I was. I've never forgotten. I want to return the favor. Don't let her die as Lacey." Gold is wordless as he takes the potion. As Grumpy exits, Laceybelle emerges from the back room and asks what all that was about. Gold says, "Nothing." We cut to the...

Waterfront. Charming and Hook park in front of the cannery, just as Groan is burning records and loading stuff into a trailer. There's a boom and the earth again quakes. Captain Obvious Hook notes that time's running out. Charming's less charming and more sarcastic. "Oh, is that what that means?" Personally, I think it means it's time for a word from our sponsors.

After the break, we return to the Enchanted Past. On the deck of the Jolly Roger, Bae and Hook bond, as the pirate teaches the boy to sail the ship. Using his hook, he scratches a "P" for port and an "S" for starboard into the cabinet. Hook brings the conversation around to Bae's parents and asks about his father leaving him. Hook says he knows the story well. When he was young, he and his father boarded a ship to travel the realms. "One morning, I awoke and he was gone. Turned out he was a fugitive. He fled in the middle of the night to avoid capture." Feeling a kinship with another abandoned son, Bae confesses to Hook that his father is the Dark One. He even reveals the secrets of the Dark One's kris dagger, and that it is Rumpy's one vulnerability. Hook gives Bae an empathetic shrug of the shoulders and with a nod of his head, encourages the boy to keep steering the ship. Bae's face glows with pleasure and pride as he mans the wheel. Hook's expression is soft as he considers the son of his true love. What? I have some pity, okay. We flash forward to the...

Storybrooke Cannery. Charming wonders why Hook, who has been so bent on revenge, is now bent on survival. When he asks the scoundrel what he's fighting for, Hook answers, "Myself. That's plenty of motivation. I can assure you. Eventually, they find Groan. With his weapon drawn, Charming demands that he hand over the beans. Groan drops his luggage and takes a small jar out of his pocket. Before Charming can lunge for it, Tamara shoots at him. Charming is hit in the arm. Greg drops the jar. I expect the remaining beans to open a portal when they hit the floor, but I guess the shattering glass absorbs most of the impact, given that nothing happens. Tamara takes off. Charming gives chase, while Hook remains behind to struggle with Groan. Eventually, Hook manages to grab one bean.

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Once Upon a Time




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