Once Upon a Time
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We cut to another section of the warehouse. When Tamara stumbles and drops her gun, Charming gains on her. He approaches, but come on, you know he's not going to shoot her. As he stands there with his weapon aimed at Tamara, Groan appears and tackles him. Tamara goes for Charming's gun, but Groan grabs her and tells her, "No. Come on. We've got what we need." Hook stops Charming just as he's about to run after the Two-Headed Obstacle. Charming tries to break free. "What are you doing? They've got the beans." Hook says, "Not all of them. I snagged one," and puts it in his pouch. Charming asks where the rest of the beans are. Hook says, "Who cares? We only need one." When Charming again tries to chase after the Obstacle, Hook stops him. "Hey, live to fight another day, mate." Charming rips his arm free of Hook's grip. "I am not your mate." The fanfic writers beg to differ. Charming rips the pouch from Hook's belt and storms off. We cut to the...

Mines. Emma says it feels like the oxygen has been sucked out of the air. Regina corrects her. "Not the oxygen, the magic." Finding the glowing, floating, now blue diamond, Regina says, "Once it stops glowing, its destruction is achieved, and then... and then we'll see the real carnage." Regina says she'll try to contain it as long as she can. Emma points out they should only need her to slow it long enough to give them all time to escape this world. Regina says, "Slowing the device is going to require all the strength I have." Emma lets this sink in. "You're not coming with us, are you? When you said goodbye to Henry, you were saying goodbye." Regina then has the moment we've been waiting for all season. Darn you, Queenie. I've got a deadline. Transcribing is slow work. Being evil, she doesn't care. "[Henry] knows I love him, doesn't he?" Emma tries to tell her there must be another way, but Regina continues. "You were right, you know. Everything that's happening -- it's my fault. I created this device. It's only fitting that it takes my life." Emma asks what she's supposed to tell Henry. Regina: "Tell him that in the end, it wasn't too late for me to do the right thing. [...] Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen, including my son. Let me die as Regina." With that, Regina closes her eyes and concentrates. Emma starts to leave, but turns back with a, "Regina..." just as Regina starts to do whatever it is she's doing (sucking magic out of, or injecting another sort of magic in) to the diamond. Tears roll down Regina's face because that's her superpower. Emma runs us out into a commercial break.

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Once Upon a Time




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