Once Upon a Time
And Straight On ‘Til Morning

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As the magic that created Storybrooke is drained by the trigger, the forest reclaims its rightful place. Leaves obscure buildings. A vine penetrates the sign above Gold's shop. Inside, Gold pours some MacCutcheon Whisky for Laceybelle and toasts to the end of the world. Nervous, Laceybelle knocks over her drink, so she grabs a nearby cloth to mop up the spill. It's Baelfire's cloak. Gold reacts about as you'd expect, except since Laceybelle looks exactly like Belle, he doesn't beat her with a cane or anything, he just stops her and yells about how it belonged to someone very important. Then it hits him. It all hits him.

Gold opens his safe and takes out a blue satin sack. From it, he removes the broken pieces of the chipped cup and magically reassembles them. Laceybelle recognizes it from when she smashed it and asks what it is. Rumpy says it's something from their past. When she looks uneasy, he apologizes and says they shouldn't fight. He pours some of the potion into her cup and, for show, I guess, pours some into his own glass. After a proper clink, Laceybelle downs the potion, but Gold waits. Blue magic washes over Laceybelle. When it's done, she blinks. As she looks at Gold, her eyes fill with tears. Gold's face positively crumples. "Belle." She softly sobs his name and kisses him. When they break their clinch, Gold says, "I'm so sorry. I didn't want to wake you up to die, but I needed you." Belle strokes his hair and says, "You lost your son. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry." When she lays her head on Gold's shoulder he holds her close and says, "I've failed. I've failed." I like to imagine an Egret of Regret drops a postcard on the counter that reads: "Word."

Charming arrives at Granny's dinner, waving the pouch and proclaiming, "We have the bean!" Emma notices the bloodied tear on her father's sleeve and asks if he's hurt. Charming shakes it off as just a graze. As Snow glows at her heroic husband, Henry asks where Regina is. Emma explains that Regina will hold off the trigger as long as she can, but she won't survive. Henry says, "No." Emma tells him she promised Regina she'd get him to safety. Henry says, "But we can't do this. She's family. We don't leave family behind." Emma assures him this is what Regina wants. They have to take their way out. Henry points out they saved her from being killed by the Chintz Monster, and asks how this is any different. His mention of the wraith gives Snow an idea. "We sent it through a portal. Why can't we do the same thing with the self-destruct?" Emma: "Because we don't know if it's going to work." Audience: "And because what if it destroys whatever realm in which it lands?" Let's jump to a...

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Once Upon a Time




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