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Sidebar. We've discussed this some on the boards. Some people think Snow and Emma are playing a little fast and loose with the fates of people in other realms, once they decide to send the trigger through a portal. I don't. Unless it's a whole lot more, it seems to me the trigger is specific to the curse. That is, it is meant to undo the effects of the Dark Curse. It is meant to undo Storybrooke -- a place created by the Dark Curse. I think if it's where it can't affect Storybrooke, then it just turns into a black diamond again. That said, I think there probably should have been a throwaway line about this, either in the diner, or better yet, from Regina, once the White Hats return to the mines.

Anyhow, Charming and Archie back up Snow and convince Emma, against her better judgment, that it's the best thing to do. The dwarfs and Granny are also present. Archie says, "Snow White and the Prince have always led us before. And we've always won. So, who's willing to let them lead us again?" The vote is unanimous. As Henry hugs Emma, Snow turns to her daughter and says, "I know we haven't had a lot of chances to be parents, but give us this one. Let us do the right thing. It's not too late." Emma holds Henry tight. "I just don't want him to be alone. I don't want him to grow up the way I did." Her words hit her parents where they live, but in a metaphor for Season Two, an earthquake interrupts the emotional scene.

Emma tries the rational approach one more time. Their plan could fail, whereas they know they can use the bean now and survive. Snow says, "It's wrong. Emma, I killed her mother." Emma reminds Snow that she had to kill Cora. Snow disagrees. "I did it because it was easy. It was a mistake. There were other paths -- harder paths and I wish I had taken them. So please, Emma honey. Let's take the hard path because if we don't, we will be building a future on Regina's blood." Emma looks at her family. Henry's face wears the cares of the world. Fixing her eyes on Charming, she finally says, "Okay."

Charming tosses the pouch to Emma, but Hook grabs it. He turns his back to the group and steps away. "I can live with myself." Emma tells him to give back the bean. Hook finally turns to face her. "She wants to die for us. I say let her." Emma says she and Hook understand each other. Looking out for yourself only works until the day it doesn't. "We're doing this. It might be stupid. It might be crazy, but we're doing it. So, you can join us and be a part of something, or you can do what you do best, and be alone." Hook remarks on her passion as he hands her the pouch. As the White Hats start to head out, he leans near Emma and whispers, "Why are you really doing this?" Emma says, "Henry just lost a father today. I'm not letting him lose a mother, too." Hook asks who Henry's father is. Emma says, "Neal." Hook says, "Baelfire?" Emma whispers, "Yeah," and walks out. We flashback to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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