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There's a rumble, and then some commotion coming from underneath the rubble surrounding the wraith's entry point. Mulan and Aurora investigate. Aurora: "What is that?" Mulan looks down. "That -- that is what brought the wraith here. That's what killed our prince." Cut to an unconscious Emma and Snow White. Fade to black.

Well, that was a thing, huh? As usual, Storybrooke continues to hold my heart, more than does the Enchanted Forest, but the tackiness of the Chintz Monster aside, this was solid sophomore premiere and I can't wait for more. Because this episode was not linear, I'm just going to go over the timeline as I understand it, so four months from now, when something harkens back to this episode, I'll have a handy dandy cheat sheet. You ready? Okay.

The main thing to remember is that all the Chintzy Storybrooke scenes are set prior to Chintzy's Enchanted Forest scenes. Specifically: Rumpy takes out the medallion, marks Regina, and summons the Chintz Monster to Storybrooke. In a puff of black smoke, the Chintz Monster rises up through the medallion, becomes corporeal, makes us all point, laugh and mock. He (it?) is then wearing said medallion. The Chintz Monster goes after Regina at the jail, but Snow chases it off. The Chintz Monster finds Regina and the Charmings at the Town Hall. Emma reignites Regina's powers. Regina opens the portal. They chase Chintzy in. Chintzy takes Emma with him. Snow follows them. We move to the Enchanted Forest reality. Chintzy bursts up through the floor. We don't see Emma and Snow, because they're covered in rubble from Chintzy's big entrance, but they're there and unconscious -- for like a whole day, it seems. Phillip sacrifices himself to Chintzy. His girlfriends bring him back to the castle. They finally find Emma and Snow. Ta dah!

Like I said, a lot of people are liking the Mysterious Stranger as the White Rabbit. Others think he could be Baelfire. What do you think? I'm wondering when we'll get to see August again, and if he's recovered from his reversion to wood. Do you think Jefferson sent the carrier pigeon to MS, or do you think August did it? What about my speculation that he could be Henry's bio-dad? Oh, there's a bird on my desk. How did that get in here? What's up with this "Greetings from Storybrooke" postcard? All it says is, "Cuckoo!"

I'll be back Monday morning with coverage of the intriguingly titled "We Are Both." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, where you will always find us.

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