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Enchanted Forest. Atop their trusty steeds, Prince Phillip and a companion whose face is obscured by a helmet (but it's totally Mulan, so I'm not going to waste 15 minutes of your time or mine pretending I don't already know that) tear across the landscape. They finally reach the neglected castle where the lovely Aurora lies in cursed, if sweet repose. Phillip and Mulan slash their way through the thorns that have grown up around the place. Phillip circles his love and finally kisses her, but before he does, he cautions Mulan that if his kiss breaks the curse, they can't tell Aurora everything right away. Of course his kiss works, because true love conquers all. As the happy couple smooches some more, a jealous Mulan averts her gaze and wanders off.

When Aurora wonders how long she's been asleep, Phillip obfuscates. Now they're together, they can restore their castle and kingdom. He won't explain what he means, and instead insists that his beloved needs her rest. Um? To give her her due, Aurora's reaction is similar to mine, just more princessly. Phillip waves off his girl's valid point and says that while Maleficent can no longer harm them, they must join their people in a new safe haven. There are new dangers now, but nothing they can't handle. I'd be furious with my husband if he was so unforthcoming with me, but Aurora is young. She'll learn. The most important part of this scene seems to be Aurora's comment about Maleficent. Apparently the most deliciously wicked Disney villain of all time went after Aurora's mother before setting her sights on Aurora. For now, I'm letting that throwaway line quell my concerns that this episode screwed up the timeline established in "The Thing You Love Most," which is good, because it's way too early in the season for me to summon my ire.

Storybrooke. We pick up where we left off. Mary Margaret and David are Snow and Charming now, too. They hold each other as thick purple magic whooshes through town. As the air clears, they decide to find out what's happening. The soon run into Granny and Ruby/Red whose memories of their world-that-was have clearly returned. Everyone hugs and I'm surprised to find how moving this is. I wonder if this is what Heaven will be like?

Soon, Leroy/Grumpy calls out, "Your Highness." When he and the other dwarfs bow to their princess, her face just crumbles with emotion. She rushes to them for a group hug -- and why didn't I buy any tissues? I knew this was coming. Gah. After a little discussion about the curse being broken, Snow says it's time to find her daughter. From behind, we hear Emma's voice: "So, it's true?" While Snow and Charming are overcome with love, Emma is confused and standoffish as she processes this news. Mary is gentle as she considers her daughter's face, but can't fight the tears. She embraces Emma, and Charming (crying so prettily that you just know, somewhere, a badinaging bird has just left Jack Shephard a "Usurped," postcard) hugs his wife and daughter. Henry's sweet little, "Grandpa?" helps lighten the mood.

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Once Upon a Time




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