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Bemused, Rumpy watches the Charming family make their exit. His smile turns to chagrin as he realizes Belle overheard the whole scene and insists he didn't lie to her. "I kept my word. I will not kill her." Belle will not play his word games and tells him he's still a man who makes "wrong choices," which seems to be putting it a bit mildly. When she says thought he'd changed, Rumpy scoffs. "What? In the hour you've known me." He and Emma ought to have an Emotional Wall Erect-off...uh, right after I find another name for it, because I just made myself sick. As Belle leaves the shop, Rumpy cries out that he's sorry. Unimpressed, she slams the door behind her. Rather than rushing after her, Rumpy only stands there and mopes, so really, he'll be doubly to blame when that poor girl ends up covered in paper cuts, which he'll learn when a Sardonic Sapsucker delivers him a post card reading, "Shredded!" Commercial.

Enchanted Forest. When Aurora wonders where Phillip is, Mulan notices the missing horses and snits that he must have been marked by the Chintz Monster and has gone off to his doom alone. She's going after him because he's sacrificing himself for Aurora. Aurora wants to help, but Mulan dismisses her and takes off alone. Although I knew the basics, I'd never watched Mulan until the day after this episode aired. I'm not crazy about her Once Upon A Time incarnation. Mulan's own story centers on her rejecting the narrow path available to girls and making her own life and fate, yet here she is marginalizing Aurora, after barely getting to know her. Alone, Aurora doesn't seem to know which way to go, which seems unnecessarily silly because she saw Phillip leave and she saw Mulan leave. She should have a clue as to their general direction. Maybe she just needs a strong cup of coffee. Our last look at her in this scene, is through some sort of hole. I can't help but wonder if it's the hollowed out tree trunk in which Snow White hid her booty, back in "Snow Falls." If it is -- is there something in there -- watching -- or is this just an artful bit of camera work?

Storybrooke. The Chintz Monster flies through the streets. In the jail, the lights flicker on and off. Regina calls out, "Who's there?" Chintzy enters, chintzes about for a moment and then starts with the soul suckage. The Charmings burst in and save the day, well, after Chintzy throws them and some office furniture around. Strangely, enough, the papers stay tacked to the bulletin board and while the lights go out, they don't blow out. Snow finds an aerosol can and a cigarette lighter and shoots flames at Chintzy, which bothers him enough to make him fly out a window.

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Once Upon a Time




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