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Hungry Like The Wolf

Red wonders why he's confessing this to her. Billy says they haven't had a chance to talk since their memories were restored. He just wants her to know who he really is. When Red asks if she can still call him Billy, he nods and does one of those maddeningly appealing head tilts. "You can call me anything you want, as long as you let me buy you a drink after your shift. I already know Ruby. I want the chance to meet Red." Red is less than eager to reveal her Enchanted identity, so she tells him tonight isn't great. As she stammers in search of an excuse, Belle has her back and lies that they already have plans. Billy knows when he's getting the brush off, but he smiles anyhow and says, "Maybe next time." Alone with Red, Belle points out that Billy seems really nice. Red eyes the clock and says, "It's complicated." I hope she updates her Facebook status. Oh, that kind of complicated. It must be a full moon.

Charming joins Henry at a booth, where he finds his grandson is drinking coffee, in an effort to avoid the nightmares. Charming promises when the boy goes to sleep that night, he'll stay right in the next room. He suggests that Henry forsake the coffee for some cocoa. Newbie. Sure, cocoa has less caffeine, but it still has some, and then there's all that sugar. You should have swapped out his coffee for a Sanka. Unless Henry is already addicted, he never would have known the difference.

After Henry scoots off, Charles Widmore takes his seat. He mockingly congratulates Charming on his position as sheriff and then says in this whole new world, they can have another go at each other. There's bitter jabs about family and goodness before Widmore threatens to reveal Charming for who he really is. "By the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you had killed me when you had the chance." Rising to his feet, Charming expresses confidence that his fellow Storybrookers know who he really is, and that they've seen him defeat Widmore before. "If you want to try and take me down, they'll see it again."

In the kitchen, Granny is welding her freezer into a makeshift cage for Red. While she learned how to control her lupine tendency years ago, it hasn't been an issue for 28 years. She's afraid she might be rusty, which really could serve as yet another nickname for her. Okay, maybe not. I have guys working at my house and they're really loud, so while I never apologize for my puns, even my bad ones, I sort of owe you for the unworkable ones. Sorry.

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