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Hungry Like The Wolf

Storybrooke. Hearing the wolf's howl, the mob soon finds Red in wolf form. She's cowering between dumpsters or shipping containers. I don't know. It's like I've lost my ability to identify and describe objects. They're big metal boxes, okay? I guess they are dumpsters. But why have two right next to each other? Maybe one is a... all right. I'll just stop. Anyhow, Widmore aims his gun at Red, but I'm much more interested in the Storybrookers, because they have torches and actual pitch forks. Whee! Just as he's about to discharge his weapon, Granny shoots her crossbow, which I decide must double as a flamethrower because otherwise I am unable to explain the flame that shoots across the lot. Did an arrow hit the bullet and cause it to explode? Anyhow, Granny's too cool for school and yells to Widmore, "The next one goes between your eyes."

Charming arrives on the scene, yelling for Ruby. One of the townsfolk yells out, "We're not sheep, David." Yeah, you largely are, given how readily you're following Widmore even though you know who he is. Charming is nicer than I, so he talks them down by explaining Widmore's frame job, and says that Red won't hurt anyone. She's just scared.

He approaches his friend, who is still wolfed out, and talks calmly to her. He explains Spencer is the murderer. Charming knows the real Red and that she can control the wolf. Eventually, she comes near enough for Charming to throw the cloak over her. Once again, it works its magic on both her body and her clothing. Human again, Ruby says, "You saved me." Charming: "No. You saved yourself. I just reminded you of what you already knew." There is a commotion in the crowd because Widmore knocked over Granny and took off. Ruby and Charming jump into the cruiser to hunt him down. Back on her feet, Granny grabs her crossbow because she's awesome like that.

They find Widmore down by the stream, standing by a campfire, which seems a funny touch, right from the get-go. Holy Chekov, Batman. I should have realized what was to come. Ruby: "You think you can hide from a wolf." Widmore: "I wasn't trying to hide." Charming: "You killed an innocent man." Widmore: "He was a mouse." Recapper: "HE WAS FRICKING GUS GUS, YOU ANIMAL. AND HE NEVER GOT TO REUNITE WITH CINDERELLA, AS FAR AS WE KNOW!"

Charming warns his nemesis that he won't be cutting him any deals. Widmore: "I'm not interested in making a deal. I just want to see the look on your face when you realize something [...] You're never going to see your wife or your daughter, again." Charming: "What are you talking about?" Widmore: "You really should be more cautious with something so valuable." And with that, he throws Jefferson's hat on the fire. "It doesn't matter how much fairy dust you gather or how much you rally the town behind you. Your family is gone."

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