Once Upon a Time
Desperate Souls

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How Rumpy Got His Gilt Skin

Enchanted Forest, Rumpy's Village: CJiC and his men haul out Baelfire, but before they can take him, Rumpy, in full Dark One get up (hood, gold skin, etc.) knifes one of the men from behind. CJiC doesn't recognize him at first, so he falls to his knees. "Dark One." After a minute he realizes the change. "No. Who are you?" Rumpy: "Have you forgotten me, already?" Echoing CJiC's mockery from earlier on (which I didn't transcribe), Rumpy says, "What was it you used to call me again? Spindleshanks? Hobble Foot." In the background, Baelfire says, "Papa?" CJiC looks down at the dagger and whispers, "Rumpelstiltskin." Rumpy: "Wonderful. And now you should know me as the new Dark One. How about a little fealty. Kiss my boot." And goodness, look at his mouth. Evil is worse for your teeth than meth. As CJiC starts to lean forward, Rumpy snaps his neck with one hand. The other men try to subdue him, but Rumpy has no trouble killing them all.

When it's just the two of them, Bae says, "Papa, what has happened to you?" Rumpy: "You're safe, Bae. Do you feel safe, son?" Bae: "No. I'm frightened." Rumpelstiltskin closes in on Bae, still wielding the bloody dagger. I don't think his intention is to frighten the boy, but it's truly hard to tell, because he is so creepy, so menacing. He says, "I'm not. I protected what belongs to me. And I'm not scared of anything." Oh sure, Rumpy, laugh now, but I bet your tune will change when it's revealed CJiC also has a son, and he's grown up to be a dentist.

Storybrooke, Sheriff's Office, Day: When Emma arrives at the Sheriff's Office the next day, she's surprised to see Graham's coat on the coat rack. Gold startles her. "The sheriff's jacket. I thought you might want it, after all." He soon reveals that the set up was a set up. That is, he didn't just set the fire so that Emma would save Regina and win the election. He wanted to give her some extraordinary quality. "And I'm afraid saving old Regina's arse from the fire wasn't going to do that." Gold set the fire, so that Emma would save Regina and then defy him, publicly. "Everyone's afraid of Regina, but they're more afraid of me. By standing up to me, you won them over. It was the only way." When Emma wonders how he knew she'd fall for this, Gold says, "I know how to recognize a desperate soul." Emma asks why he did this and Gold says it's simple. She owes him a favor (from the Cinderella episode). "I know that can be a bad feeling, owing someone. Now that you're sheriff, I'm sure we'll find some way for you to pay back what you owe me." He makes his way to the office door. "Congratulations."

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Once Upon a Time




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