Once Upon a Time
Desperate Souls

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How Rumpy Got His Gilt Skin

Storybrooke, Mayor's Office: Regina is holding a press conference announcing Sidney as new sheriff. Emma crashes it and informs Regina and everyone that the Mayor can only appoint a candidate, but that there still must be an election. Emma's running, too. How do you like them apples, Regina?

Enchanted Forest, Rumpy's: As Bae sleeps, Rumpy says there's no longer enough time to run away. Grima Wormtongue tells him he has to find another way. Rumpy says, as the town coward, his only choice is in which corner he should hide. Grima tells him to get ahold of himself and points out that it's weird that the Dark One would work for the foolish, useless Duke. He then reveals the Duke has the Dark One in his thrall, because he has in his possession, an enchanted dagger bearing the true name of the Dark One. Steal the dagger, and the Dark One (and all his power) will be under Rumpy's control. Rumpy is too fearful to keep the Dark One as a slave, so Grima says, "Then perhaps, instead of controlling the power, you need to take it." Oh right, because that's not scarier at all!

Storybrooke, Mr. Gold's Shop: Regina walks in and changes the open sign to read "Closed." She knows Gold found the clause in the town charter and showed it to Emma. Gold: "Legal documents, contracts -- if you like, have always been a fascination of mine." Regina: "Yes, you love to trifle with technicalities." Gold: "I like small weapons, you see. The needle. The pen. The fine point of the deal. Subtlety -- not your style, I know." Rumpy taunts her about Graham. Regina can't believe Gold is going up against her. He says they're both invested in the common good, he's just choosing a different side. Regina tells him Emma is the slow horse in this race. Rumpy: "Never underestimate someone who's acting for their child." Regina points out Henry isn't Emma's child, legally. Gold: "Oh, now who's trifling in technicalities?"

I have to come out of the story, for a moment. If I hadn't known going in that this was a Jane Espenson-penned episode, I'd have guessed it in this scene, because of the dialogue. I love me some Jane. Now watch her give an interview saying, "Joss Whedon wrote it." (I don't mean to confuse anyone -- back in the Buffy days, whenever someone praised a random Mutant Enemy writer for their snappy dialogue or a brilliant scene, it invariably seemed like that writer would sigh and say, "Yeah, that was great, but Joss wrote that scene." And I'll be darned if I can find a citation, but you're reading it on the Internet right now, so just know that it's true.)

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