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Desperate Souls

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How Rumpy Got His Gilt Skin

When Zoso falls to the ground, the gold cast disappears from his skin, and Rumpy realizes it is the beggar. The beggar says, "Looks like you made a deal you didn't understand. I don't think you're going to do that again." Rumpy can't understand why the beggar told him to kill him. The beggar says, "My life was such a burden. You'll see. Magic always comes with a price and now it's yours to pay." Rumpy: "Why me?" Beggar: "I know how to recognize a desperate soul." As the beggar dies, Rumpy begs him to stay and tell him what to do, but it's too late. The wind howls. Rumpy's skin turns gold. He pulls the dagger out of his victim's chest and sees it now bears his (misspelled) name: Rumplestiltskin (see the recaplet for my comments on that).

Storybrooke Debate: Archie (Jiminy Cricket) tells the townsfolk to vote their conscience (oy), introduces the candidates, and tries to make a joke about their last names: "Glass. Swan. It sounds like something a decorator would make you buy." He waits a beat for laughs that never come. "Wow. Crickets." Heh.

Sidney makes his opening statement. He wants to serve as a "reflection" of the best qualities of Storybrooke. When Emma takes the podium, she looks shaken. "You guys all know I have what they call a 'troubled past' but you've been able to overlook it because of the hero thing. But here's the thing, the fire was a set-up. Mr. Gold agreed to support me in this race, but I didn't know that that meant he was going to set a fire. I don't have definitive evidence..." Well, no, dipshit, because you handed it back to the arsonist. Emma continues: "...but I'm sure. And the worst part of this was -- the worst part of this is I let you all think it was real. And I can't win that way." Looking directly at Henry, Emma says, "I'm sorry." Gold rises and walks out. In the front row, next to Henry, Regina revels in it all, as Emma leaves the stage in shame. Commercial.

Granny's Diner/Pub: Emma's sitting at the counter, drinking, when Henry walks in and takes the stool next to her. He hands her one of Graham's radios. Emma doesn't understand, so Henry says, "You stood up to Mr. Gold. That's pretty amazing. [...] That's what heroes do -- expose stuff like that." He leans in close and whispers in Emma's ear. "I shouldn't have given up on Operation Cobra." Emma smiles until Regina and Sidney walk in. She ignores Regina's snide comments and jokes to Sidney, "Here to card me, officer?" When Sidney says he thinks he'll join Emma for a drink, she says she thinks they're setting up a victory party in the back room. Sidney: "Well, you'll have to tell me what that's like." Regina then hands Emma the sheriff's badge. "Congratulations, Sheriff Swan." Henry's all, "Wait. What?" Regina explains that while the race was quite close, the people liked the idea of a sheriff brave enough to stand up to Mr. Gold. Mary Margaret, Archie and other unknown townsfolk wander in, smiling at Emma. Regina leans in and says, "You didn't pick a great friend in Mr. Gold, Ms. Swan, but he does make a superlative enemy. Enjoy that." Okay, I know it's done and even acceptable to use "superlative" to mean supreme, but really hate when it's used that way. I always think of it as a grammatical term. I am so out of the story right now, I can't even think. Thank goodness we're off to the...

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