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How Grumpy Got His Grump On
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"Dreamy" is one of those episodes that leaves me flummoxed, because it's better than it ought to be. There's a lot about it I don't care for, on paper, but when I watch it (and I've watched it half a dozen times) I'm enchanted. At first, I thought someone dusted my TV with fairy dust, but the sparkle comes, in particularly, from three actors: guest star Amy Acker (Angel's Fred Burkle); series lead, Ginnifer Goodwin; and especially from the recurring Lee Arenberg. I'm not overwhelmed by the story itself, until these three tell it to me -- then I swoon. This talented trio elevates the story above the cloying (and sometimes disturbing) script. Let's get to it, shall we?

We open in the clouds above the Enchanted Forest. The Blue Boob Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) is training clumsy, fledgling fairy, Nova (Amy Acker). Nova crash lands into the clouds. Blue warns her to be careful. Nova is carrying the year's supply of fairy dust -- the most magically precious substance in all the land -- it powers the world. Yes, I went to an Angel Dust place, too, but this is a nice show, so I'm not going to cloud it up with awkward references to drugs I never even though about using.

Anyhow, Nova is dismayed to learn she'll be making next year's dust run on her own, as she thought she would be a fairy godmother by then. Blue chuckles that Nova is a dreamer and says she is just beginning her journey. After Blue asks if Nova can bring all the dust safely back home she flies off and leaves her apprentice, who immediately spills some magenta magic through the clouds.

The fairy dust wafts over the earth and descends into a mine shaft, where it lands upon a giant egg -- one in a group of eight -- standing before hundreds more. The egg starts rocking. Dwarves Watchy (Richard Ian Cox) and Bossy (Ken Kramer) remark that it seems to be hatching hours earlier than expected. Of course they don't know it got dosed with fairy dust. The shell breaks open to reveal a fully grown, bearded and (thankfully) clothed Lee Arenberg (Grumpy/Dreamy and Leroy). As he is welcomed to the world, the as of yet unnamed dwarf looks around in wide-eyed wonder.

Sidebar: I saw people upset, because they thought the fairies used fairy dust to fertilize these eggs -- building their own little slave labor force. I don't think that's what's happening here. Grumpy's egg is the only one that gets dusted and it's because of the dust that he is going to be different. It's because of the dust that he will [SPOILER] be able to fall in love.

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