Once Upon a Time

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How Grumpy Got His Grump On

When Dreamy returns to the mines, he is no longer the happy, dreamy innocent he once was. He brothers and Bossy welcome him back. Dreamy couldn't mean it less when he says there's no place he'd rather be. He attacks a particularly large rock with his pick-axe until the axe is destroyed. Dreamy demands another from Bossy. When he gets it, the name that appears on the handle is Grumpy.

Storybrooke: Mary Margaret and Leroy are thrilled when they realize they've sold out of candles. Mary tells him to take the money to Sister Astrid and have his moment. He takes the lockbox to Astrid and gives her the good news. Astrid can't believe he sold them all. "You made it happen!" Leroy says, "You have no idea." When Astrid is at a loss for words, Leroy tells her she's welcome. He says after he fixes up his boat maybe she can be his first passenger. Astrid smiles as she said she'd like that. Leroy: "Well then, that's what we'll do, Sister." They take in the sight of the town square lit by candlelight.

Regina stomps into the Sheriff's office and reminds Emma it's been 24 hours since her "friend" Kathryn went missing. Emma says she's working on it but she's not going to disclose information at this stage of the investigation. Regina threatens her. If Emma is covering for somebody or not doing her job, Regina will find someone who will do it. Regina's threats to get Emma replaced are getting old, Show. Just sayin'... Once Emma is alone she looks like she's thinking it all over. Please don't be dumb, girl. Please!

Back at the celebration, Mary makes a "sold out" sign, blows out her candle and walks to her car. There's still some of the red, "TRAMP" graffiti on the windows. Sheeesh, David, maybe since YOU haven't been getting slut-shamed all week you could have taken care of that for her. Ugh. Anyhow, when Mary gets to the car she has second thoughts. She squares her shoulders and heads back to the celebration. Granny is the first person to greet her, lights Mary's candle, and gives her a warm smile. Mary tries to hold back the tears as she walks through the festival. David is watching her from afar when Emma approaches him and says they need to talk. "I need you to come to the Sheriff's station with me, and tell me everything." David is confused since he thought he already did. Emma says, "So did I." Mary stops when she sees Emma load David into the back of the cruiser. He looks up at her, and we fade to black.

I'll be back Monday Morning with my recaplet of Sunday's, "Red-Handed." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the forum, where we're lighting candles for you.

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