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How Grumpy Got His Grump On

Storybrooke, Granny's Diner: Leroy digs into a hardboiled egg with such determination that I can't not think of him as a cannibal given that I just watched him hatch from one. When Mr. Clark (Gabe Khouth's Sneezy) and Walter (Faustino Di Bauda's Sleepy) ask him to slide down a seat, so that they can sit together, Leroy is surly in his refusal. Mr. Clark starts to tease Leroy about his sunny disposition, but is interrupted by his own sneeze -- aimed right at Leroy's plate. Yeah. That would put me off my breakfast too, Leroy.

Mary Margaret enters the diner and announces that Miner's Day is upon us, and the Storybrooke nuns are looking for volunteers to sell their handcrafted candles. Mary asks, "Who wants to join me?" The crowd turns from her and murmurs. She's still the town pariah, poor dear. When Leroy walks up to her, Mary thinks she's landed her first volunteer, but she's just standing in front of the door. Leroy wants to leave. Mary tries to appeal to him to help but he scoffs at her. "Quite a team we'd make. Town harlot. Town drunk. The only person in this town who people like less than me, is you. If you're coming to me, you're screwed." Mary, who has been holding back nervous tears the whole time, leaves the diner in disgrace.

Emma watched the whole scene play out and runs after Mary Margaret. She asks about Miner's Day. Mary explains it's an annual celebration of an old tradition. The nuns used to make candles and trade them with the miners for coal.

Emma: And I'm all? Mining? In Maine? Is that even a thing? Have they thought about lobsters?

Recapper: I'm thinking about lobster right now and it's fricking great.

Mary: I don't even know. It's more of a fundraiser these days but everyone loves the annual party.

Emma: Not judging by the crowd back at Granny's.

Mary: It's me. Last week I had ten volunteers. This week they dropped out. And I know it's because I'm a home-wrecker because some of them told me.

Audience: Told you so. I hope this isn't just a slut-shaming episode though, because after all, Mary Margaret isn't the one who was married. And? She wanted to tell the truth. What about David, that bastard?

Recapper: Don't hold your breath.

Audience: Damn it.

Mary: Love ruined my life.

Emma: Well, duty calls. Hang in there and let me know how I can help.

Recapper: Were you not paying attention? You could volunteer to sell some fricking candles.

We cut to the town square. People are decorating it for Miner's Day. Sister Astrid (Nova) is up on a ladder, trying to plug in some lights, when she knocks glitter off the ladder and onto Leroy. When I write about it this seems like a particularly artless way to give Sister Astrid and Leroy a parallel to the beginning of their Enchanted Forest story, but on screen it works because of Lee Arenberg and his wonderfully expressive face. Amy Acker helps suck me into the story as well.

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Once Upon a Time




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