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How Grumpy Got His Grump On

Anyhow, Leroy is annoyed by this accidentally bedazzling until he looks up at the woman apologizing to him. Once he sees her, he is bedazzled in a whole new way. He is so charmed and blush-y, I start wondering if he should play Bashful, instead of Grumpy. Leroy climbs the ladder and fixes the dangerous situation with the lights. When he gets everything working Sister Astrid is effusive in her gratitude. She gets him to talk about his custodial job but he admits that what he really wants is to fix up his old clunker of a boat and sail around the world. Astrid tells him, "Someone once told me, you can do anything -- as long as you can dream it." He can't take his eyes off her as she makes her way back to the volunteer center.

Emma is at the town line collecting evidence from Kathryn's crashed car when Sidney arrives. He'd like to do a freelance story on the crash, so Emma lets him nose around and tells him that the Gym Teacher (Frederick) found the car on the side of the road, abandoned with the engine still running. And so wait -- he didn't call it in until morning? There had better be a reason for this in a future episode because right now it just seems like poor plotting.

When Sidney learns the car belongs to Kathryn Nolan, whose cheating husband just publicly left her, he points out there are some obvious suspects. Emma thinks he's jumping to conclusions and figures Kathryn just hitched a ride to Boston, at least until she finds Kathryn's still packed suitcase in the trunk of the car. When Emma says it's time to pull Kathryn's phone records she appears to be heading toward her cruiser -- as if she's going to leave. Sidney stops her though and says he can get them for her faster than she'll get them through official channels. Emma eagerly agrees. Dear woman, please tell me you are playing the player. I don't want our savior to be dumber than a box of hair. Soon David arrives. And why is that? He wouldn't be looking for Kathryn on his own. He'd figure she left for the city. Emma doesn't say she called him as she seems to be leaving. Ugh. Get me out of this scene. Oh, there's a commercial. Thank you.

Sidebar: Dear Forumites, you have got to get over Emma having pretty, fluffy hair. She is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who was smuggled out of the Enchanted Forest, before the curse struck. She has to have princess hair. It's a damned character trait, for heaven's sake. I'm serious about this. If she was all bedraggled it would be wrong.

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Once Upon a Time




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