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How Grumpy Got His Grump On

The newly hatched dwarfs are getting all cleaned up. And look the eight dwarfs we care about haven't been named yet, but I need someway in which to refer to them, so I'm going to call Grumpy Dreamy, because that will be his first dwarf name. Anyhow, Dreamy is so different from the Grumpy we've seen in previous episodes. He's all wide-eyed innocence and enthusiasm. He asks who the beautiful woman is -- the one he saw just before he hatched. Bossy scoffs at him and says he was dreaming. "There are no female Dwarfs. Dwarfs don't fall in love. Dwarfs don't get married. And Dwarfs don't have children. Why do you think you were hatched from an egg?" He then goes on to explain that what dwarfs do -- is work, "We love it. We even whistle while we do it." Whee! The dwarfs do the most important work in all the land. They mine diamonds which are ground into the fairy dust which lights the world.

Soon Bossy gives the eight newly hatched dwarf brothers their pickaxes. Their true names are revealed on the handles. First we see Stealthy (R.I.P., brother), then Happy, Doc, Sneezy (who sneezes as he gets his axe), Sleepy, Bashful (who cutely scoots out of view before we can get a look at him), Dopey, and finally Dreamy a.k.a. Grumpy. Bossy says, "The axe never lies, Dreamy." As they head out to work the dwarfs whistle "Heigh-Ho."

Storybrooke: Mary Margaret is working in the volunteer center when Leroy shows up and asks to help. Mary reminds him he took a far different stance that morning. He says, "Maybe I've seen the light." Mary tells him he can help her man the candle booth. Her voice is hard and cold as she says, "No swearing. No drinking. And I get to call all the shots."

Leroy listens in as across the room Mother Superior (Blue Boob Fairy) chastises Astrid. She's just as clumsy in this world as Nova was in the Enchanted forest. She accidentally ordered 12 dozen helium tanks instead of 12 tanks. The helium company won't take back the extras, which means Astrid has just squandered the order's stipend. They can't pay the rent! They're going to be out on their... habits. Mother Superior orders Astrid to fix the problem and reminds her she knows how their landlord feels about them. Did you guys play that little "You must pay the rent! But I can't pay the rent! I'll pay the rent. My hero! Curses, foiled again..." game when you were little? I can't get it out of my head because that's [SPOILER] the plot of this episode in a nutshell.

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Once Upon a Time




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