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How Grumpy Got His Grump On

Anyhow, Dreamy is not the only smitten kitten in the scene. Nova takes an immediate liking to him, too. She tells him that she gets to spend very little time in his world, so at sunset, she'll be going up to Firefly Hill to watch the fireflies. Anyhow, when Dreamy says he hardly gets out of the mine Nova makes it pretty clear she'd like him to meet her that night. Innocent that he is, Dreamy tells her to have a great time. Before he can walk off, Nova stops him. "Dreamy? Thanks. You're my hero."

Storybrooke: Mary Margaret and Leroy don't manage to sell a single candle on the town square, so Leroy suggests they go door-to-door. Mary reminds him that people hate them. That is Leroy's point. He figures people will pay them just to leave. Heh.

Across the way, Emma finds Sidney at a Ring-Toss booth. She tells him Kathryn never showed up at law school registration. They're interrupted by Mary and Leroy. Mary asks Emma if she looks more sympathetic with our without her scarf. I think maybe her scarf should be tied around David's neck, like a noose, but then I remember the curse and that he is her true love. I think I'm just angry that town's wrath is aimed at the woman, rather than the cheating husband -- the one who broke vows he never actually took. I know. I know. I need some perspective. After Emma advises Mary to keep the scarf on, Mary and Leroy leave. Sidney asks Emma why she's not questioning "Pixie Cut" who has motive a mile high. Again, Emma alludes to her superpower by insisting she knows Mary and knows she had nothing to do with Kathryn's disappearance. Oh please, Emma. Please writers. Please, please, please don't let her be dumb. Emma tells Sidney to get the phone records, and marches off.

Mary Margaret and Leroy do no better selling door-to-door than they were doing at the candle booth. The first guy who answers their knock is a long, lean fellow, nibbling a carrot. He looks Mary up and down with a salacious leer that she tries to ignore. When Leery's stocky wife comes to the door, I realize he must be Jack Spratt. Mrs. Spratt nudges Jack out of the way and sneers that they're not interested. Door after door slams in the face of our not-so-dastardly duo.

Enchanted Forest, Pub: While the rest of the dwarfs are living it up, Dreamy feels out of sorts. He tells Bossy he can't sleep or eat and just doesn't feel like himself. Belle is there! She chimes in that Dreamy is in love. Dreamy wants to know what love is. Bell tells him it's wonderful and amazing. "Love is hope." Since it's so great, Dreamy can't figure out why he feels so bad. Belle explains he needs to be with the one he loves. I love Emilie de Raven as Belle. I hope we get a lot more of her. Dreamy tells Belle about Nova watching the fireflies on Firefly Hill. Belle laughs and says Nova was inviting him to be with her. Even though Belle, herself, is still heartbroken she encourages Dreamy to go. "Find your love. Find your hope. Find your dreams."

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Once Upon a Time




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