Once Upon a Time

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How Grumpy Got His Grump On

The Blue Boob Fairy appears and tells Dreamy that Bossy is right. All he feels is a dream. She tells him if he runs off with Nova, it won't end well. Nova will lose her wings. If he returns to the mines and give Nova a chance to be the fairy she's meant to be, they will bring joy to the world. She says Nova can be a great fairy, if he lets her. "The choice is yours."

Many fans are pissed at the Blue Fairy. I'm not -- at least not much. I think she and Bossy are wrong, but I think they think they're right. I don't think they're trying to be mean. I think they're giving misguided advice.

Storybrooke, Granny's Diner, Night: Mary reminds Leroy that there can never been anything between him and Sister Astrid. He says Astrid is the first person who believed he could do anything and he just didn't want to disappoint her. Mary says there are consequences to going through with something when the world tells you not to and points out how she is now the town pariah. Leroy asks her if she regrets her good memories with David. When she admits she doesn't, Leroy says life is all about holding onto good memories. All he wanted was one moment with Sister Astrid -- a moment to give him hope that any dream is possible. "You've had all that Mary Margaret so stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy -- because I haven't." Mary says the dream wasn't worth it. It's then that Leroy hatches a plan.

We cut to the town square. Leroy is on the top of a building, high above the Miner's Day Celebration. Mary finally catches up with him. She's afraid he's going to jump. He laughs and says he'd never do that because he might hurt someone. "I'm solidly built." Heh. Instead, he grabs a pick-axe and takes out the electrical transformer. Sparks fly. The square is plunged into darkness. Mary asks what he is doing. Leroy: "I'm selling candles, sister." Raise your hand if you hate that Leroy, Mary and Astrid's problem is solved by vandalism. Thanks, me too.

Enchanted Forest, Firefly Hill: Dreamy finds Nova waiting for him. She magics up a telescope, gives it to him, and then points out the boat sailing by, in the water, below. It's fully stocked for their adventure. Dreamy gets right to the point and tells her he can't go with her. Nova reminds him of their plans and dreams. Dreamy says he belongs in the mines and she belongs with the other fairies. That's never going to change. Nova says he controls what changes in his life and reminds him he's special. He asks what makes them different from any other dwarf and fairy out there. Nova says, "Our love." He says it's just a dream, and her dream is to be a fairy godmother. Nova realizes Dreamy must have talked to Blue Boobs and demands to know what she said. Dreamy tells her it doesn't matter. He won't stand in the way of her happiness. Nova: "You're my happiness. I love you. Don't you love me?" Dreamy says, "I'm a dwarf, Nova. I can't love." Nova sobs as he walks off.

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Once Upon a Time




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