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I Dream Of Sidney
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Storybrooke: Henry rides his bike to the castle at the waterfront park. He blasts right past Emma, who is there to meet him. The castle was damaged in last week's storm. Henry's freaking out, because he buried the Once Upon A Time book, in a red lock-box, under the play structure. Emma thinks it's weird to bury the book at the park, but Henry wants to keep it away from Regina, because she is the Evil Queen, duh. She'd definitely find it, if he hid it in his room. When Emma suggests hiding it at her place, Henry points out that's the second place she'd look. Don't feel bad, Henry. Adults totally suck at Operation Cobra-like operations. That's why you're in charge. Henry figures the castle is safe, because Regina doesn't know he comes there. But not so fast, kiddo. Here's Regina now, and she's ordering your little butt into her car. Regina stops to sneer at Emma, and disses her rival's concern for their son, since Emma would let him play near an obvious hazard like the now-ruined castle. Emma sneers back. Same shit. Different day.

Granny's Diner: Emma complains to Mary Margaret that Regina is all up in her business with Henry. Mary, being too good to be true (at least when she's not kissing men she believes to be married to women other than herself, even when that's not the case) suggests that Regina is just jealous of Henry and Emma's relationship. It's not long before Mary has to take off though, because she gets a text from David tell her to meet him at "our spot." Tsk tsk! Married people, going to meet up with each other. I don't care, y'all. I am so not going to be mad at the actual spouses for hooking up with each other, even if they don't yet know their married to each other and think they're married to someone else. True love conquers all, in these stories. And Rumpy says love is the most powerful magic of all. These two have to get their smoochies on, to help weaken the curse. Stop judging me!

Once Mary is gone, a drunken Sidney Glass (the Magic Mirror) stumbles up to Emma and says, "I can grant your wish." He exposits that Regina got him fired from his job, and humiliated him by making him run for sheriff, so he is totally ready to expose her for the witch she truly is. Emma is all, "Sleep it off, sucker," but before she leaves, Sidney hands her his card and tells her to call him.

Enchanted Forest: The Genie of Agrabah (oh ABC, how you do love to pimp your parent company) is, like Sidney and the Magic Mirror, played by the lovely and talented Giancarlo Esposito, so they're all the same character. Get it? Got it? Good. He is trapped in a magical lamp, but surely used the same decorator that did Jeannie used for her I Dream of Jeannie genie bottle. My last year I believed in Santa Claus (I was only four or five), I was already pretty strongly in doubt of his existence, so to test him, I asked Santa to bring me a replica of Jeannie's bottle that was big enough for me to play in. He didn't. Fat jerk. Where was I?

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