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Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

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I Dream Of Sidney

Right. The story. Okay. So Genie is hanging out in his well-appointed prison, when it starts shaking. Outside, on the shore, Good King Leopold (father of Snow White and husband to Queenie) picks up the lamp. When he wipes it off, Genie appears in a puff of smoke, and he has so had it with this job. He is obviously bored with his spiel as he introduces himself and schools Leopold on the rules: You get three wishes. You can't wish for more wishes, nor can you wish for life, death or love. And? Once a wish has been granted, it cannot be undone, regardless of consequences.

King Leopold (played by an ill-used Richard Schiff) is at first, as I noted in the recaplet, a bit of a dilly, and seems to be a happy dilly, who claims he wants for nothing but everyone who set foot in his kingdom to likewise be happy. So then wish for that, you tool. He doesn't. Instead, when he learns Genie has been trapped in that lamp for like ever, Leo wishes Genie free. Ally for life, right? Not so much, but we'll get to that soon enough.

Leo's second wish is to transfer his third wish to Genie. Quickly doing the math, Genie says that in his life, he has granted 1,001 wishes and they never end well. "Making a wish comes with a price, and that is why I will never use this wish." And this is when I know how Genie gets turned into the Magic Mirror and decided the Enchanted Forest storyline is not worth my time, this week. Damn fool is gonna wish himself stuck. Leo praises Genie's wisdom and asks what he will do with his freedom. Genie says he will find what has always eluded him: true love. Leopold invites him back to his palace, and says maybe he'll find true love there. Oh, and now I know the rest of the Enchanted Forest storyline. Great. I'm never getting back this hour of my life.

At Knifingham Palace, Genie says the digs are as lovely as Leopold is kind. What an insult! Oh, wait. He truly thinks that monstrosity is lovely? It's the stuff of nightmares! Leo introduces Genie to Snow and then to Regina, whose Enchanted Forest name turns out to be Regina (at least once she's queen, we'll see if it's the same when she's revealed to be the miller's daughter). When she smiles, she makes eyes at Genie, and he is instantly smitten.

Storybrooke: Henry watches in heartbreak, as a town crew dismantles the play castle. When Emma shows up, Henry realizes his book is gone, too. Emma congratulates Regina on destroying the one thing their son loves. Regina tells Emma to learn her place in this town, or she won't soon be in it. Has she not said a variation of the same threat in nearly every episode? Come on, Show. I'm not even going to get good dialogue this week? Great. As soon as Regina leaves, Emma takes out her phone and calls Sidney. She tells him she is "in." She wants everyone to know who Regina truly is.

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