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Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

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I Dream Of Sidney

T(r)oll Bridge: Mary Margaret finds David waiting for her. He leads her off into the forest for a little adulterous picnic lunch. They kiss and Mary says they have to have to stop and figure out what they're doing. David says they will, tomorrow. Mary pauses only for a moment and then smiles. "Okay. Tomorrow." The kissing resumes. Yay! (Stop judging me. That said, I am pretending they are not having the sex.)

Emma drives through a culvert. She parks near the opening of it, and Sidney wanders into view. Emma is ready to listen to whatever dirt he has on Regina. He says $50,000.00 is missing from the budget. When Emma isn't impressed, he insists the missing funds are the key to Regina's downfall. I groan when he says all they need is a "crack in the mirror" to show everyone what Regina truly is. I mean, really. Emma asks what Sidney's plan is. He tells her to dip into her bail bondswoman bag of tricks, but Emma says she's got to be responsible. As sheriff, she has to play by the book. Sidney nods, but says eventually Regina will know Emma is onto her. "Are you prepared for her wrath?" Emma says, "Oh, yeah." Sidney: "I wasn't." Emma then asks him, "If you thought she was so terrifying, how did you allow yourself to end up in her pocket?" Sidney: "I used to think she was a different person."

Sidebar: Okay, if you read the recaplet, you'll know I did a whole lot of ranting about Emma being too dumb to live, because [SPOILER] this all turns out to be a set-up by Sidney and Regina, meant to humiliate Emma, and it will. But, upon subsequent viewings, I am struck by Jennifer Morrison's acting in this episode. She is even sterner and more low-key than usual, particularly during her scenes with Regina and Sidney. I think, or at least hope, that thanks to her "super power" -- Emma is onto Sidney and Regina from the get-go, and that we will find this out, later on in the season. Okay, call me delusional. It wouldn't be the first time.

Enchanted Forest, Knifingham Palace, Night, Leopold's Birthday Feast: Leopold gives a birthday speech, in which he says that he needs no gifts, because all would pale in comparison to his daughter, Snow. He then goes on to sing the praises of his late wife, Snow's mother. "Who like you, truly was the fairest in all the land." Regina, who has been watching with tears in her eyes, quietly leaves the banquet hall. Genie, who has been watching her the whole time, follows her outside.

In the shadow of Regina's apple tree, bathed in the light of a full moon, Genie listens as Queenie confesses that she is trapped in her marriage. No matter what she does, Leopold will never love her the way he loves his deceased first wife. Now, I think Queenie was putting on her crocodile tears back in the banquet hall, and is doing so now, in order to win Genie's heart and his help. While I believe she feels trapped in this marriage, I don't think she gives a Mickey Mouse ear about Leopold's love. I don't believe she ever has. I think sister is bad to the bone, even at this point in the timeline. That said, it really sucks how Leopold praised his late wife, and his daughter, but made no mention of his current wife. I really hope he already knows she is bad. And yet, if he does already know she is bad, why, in his first scene with Genie, did he appear to be as content as he claimed to be?

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