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I Dream Of Sidney

They follow Regina out to the woods, but then the brakes in the sheriff's cruiser fail. Emma guides the car to a relatively gentle crash. When they get out of the car, Sidney crouches down next to the front, passenger-side tire and tells Emma he thinks Regina found the bug she planted, because someone has been tampering with the brakes. "She's onto us." Emma charges off into the woods. "That bitch tried to have me killed. I'm finding her." When Sidney suggests caution, Emma's all, "To hell with that."

Who should appear in the woods then? Mr. Gold. He's carrying a briefcase and readily admits Regina was meeting him to complete a business transaction. Sidney asks what's in the case. Gold: "Everything comes with a price. Land is no different." Regina has just purchased the very land they're standing on. Gold tries to cluestick Emma about being out in the woods with Mr. Glass. Sidney takes umbrage and says, "You don't know what she did to us. You don't know what she did to her son..."

Sidebar: And this is when my delusions about Emma being onto Sidney and Regina finally coalesce. What, exactly, did Regina do to her son? Okay, she tore down the castle play structure and that does break Henry's heart, and piss off Emma, but she tore it down only after the storm wrecked a good portion of it. Don't get me wrong. I think Regina is evil to the core. And I understand that this episode's main theme is all about not following your heart if and when your brain and conscience are screaming for you to do otherwise. But, while Emma loves Henry, Regina's grand crime in this episode seems relatively benign. The castle was falling apart. Regina had a point about it being dangerous. True, Regina could have had it repaired, but at this point, Emma doesn't know if Regina has any plans to replace it with anything. And? I think Emma is smart enough to realize Sidney is laying it on awfully thick where Henry is concerned, despite her disdain for Regina and her love of Henry. Right? Please?

Anyhow, Sidney takes umbrage and says he and Emma, "...can't just sit idly by." Gold says: "Of course you can." As he hobbles off, he adds, "Be careful. Emotional entanglements can lead us down very dangerous paths." Emma's expression makes it clear she takes these words to heart, and my delusions start to crumble, so la la la-let's go to commercial.

Enchanted Forest, Knifingham Palace, Day: Genie cuts down an apple from Regina's pet tree, and is just about to enjoy a slice when Regina's father appears. Genie was expecting his secret wannabe lovah, but Father Henry explains that the king has imprisoned Regina in her chamber. Genie is taken aback that this servant is Queenie's father, but he doesn't have time to think about that, because Daddy-Someday-Deadest presents Genie with a locked box and tells him that in that box lies the means to Queenie's freedom. Since Daddy (claims he) cannot visit daughter, he asks Genie to deliver the box to Queenie. There's been a lot of discussion in our forum as to whether or not Leopold has truly locked Queenie in her chamber, or whether she's pulling one over on Genie. I think this is unimportant, but my inclination is to believe Queenie has engineered this entire set-up, including her own detention.

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