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PANic And PANcakes
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We open in Storybrooke, at night. There are no scenes from previous episodes, which immediately signals this episode is going to be a detail-filled beast to recap. I'm going to need until March 9, 2014 to recover. Felix and Panry (Pan in Henry's body) walk through the woods. Felix crows about Panry outwitting Regina in less than a day. Panry says Regina's love for Henry makes her weak.

Once they reach the well, Panry announces that's where they'll cast the curse. Felix hands the ingredients over to Panry. Unless there's a heart in that bag, Felix, you'd better guard your own. Felix asks if this curse will kill all the Storybrookers. Panry says, "Worse. They'll be slaves to this new land we're making, with no idea who they once were. Death is final, Felix. Their suffering will be eternal." Panry drops ingredients into the well. We cut to the...

Cemetery. Snow and Emma ask about this new curse of Pan's. Gold says while the last curse was created to service Regina's wishes, "...this will be done per Pan's desire. I would count on something hellish." When Regina tells the gang that the curse was built to be unstoppable, Gold corrects her. "It is possible to stop it [...] by using the scroll, itself. It can only be undone by the person who used the scroll. That's you, Regina." Yeah, I think we've all got that, Gold. Thanks. Let's cut back to your little bastard of a father.

As Panry continues to drop curse ingredients into the well, he tells Felix that Regina's curse will be "child's play" compared to his own. Felix smiles. "I knew you'd win. Peter Pan never fails." Oh Felix, if I wasn't so ready to watch you die, I'd be telling you to run.

Back in the cemetery, Regina asks Gold what she will have to do. He says, "You must destroy the scroll. Both your curse and his shall be ended, but know this: there will be a price. A steep one." Gold suggests that rather than chasing after Panry, they should bring Pan to them, with a spell that will return Pan and Henry to their own bodies. We cut back to the...

Well. Felix asks Panry if they're missing something. Panry says they are. "The heart of the thing I love most." Felix figures he means Rumpelstiltskin. Panry says, "No. No. I never loved Rumpel." Felix is a little slow on the uptake, so he asks Panry,"Who you do you love?" Panry says, "Love can mean many things, Felix. It doesn't just come from romance, or family. It can also come from loyalty. Friendship."

Even though it's the middle of the night, dawn breaks across Felix's face. Panry adds, "Only one person has always believed in Pan." Felix swallows hard. "That's me." Panry cocks his head. "Don't be afraid. Be flattered." Felix screams, "No, no, no, no, no!" Panry plunges his greedy little hand inside Felix's chest. We hear the squish and the sploosh. Panry pulls the heart out. Why is it not blacker than Snow White's, Show? Felix collapses as Panry squeezes his heart into dust. The dust wafts down into the well.

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