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"Hat Trick" surprises me -- mostly because I really enjoy it. "Jabberwocky" and "Hunting of the Snark" aside, I've never been a fan of Lewis Carroll. His Alice's Adventures In Wonderland creeped me out when I was a kid, so I wasn't looking forward to this episode. I considered digging back into Alice when I was covering Lost, because it was so heavily featured. I decided though, if I dug into every work featured on Lost, I wouldn't have had time to watch Lost, never mind write 5-10,000 words about it, each week. Yes, filthy lucre (and a hefty helping of sloth) beat my literary bent. That probably tells you more about me than I want you to know, and yet, here we are. One of the reasons "Hat Trick" works so well for me, is that it manages to evoke the same disturbed feelings Alice gave me as a child. So without further ado, let's see where this rabbit hole leads.

There are minimal changes to the montage that accompanies this week's narrative opening. The only one that jumps out at me is that we see Belle when the voice-over mentions that every storybook character we've ever known has been banished to our world. In part, it jumps out, because Belle is not in this episode. Once the narration ends, the "previouslies" show Emma booking Mary Margaret for Kathryn's murder and finding incriminating evidence; Mary finds the key to her cell; Emma suggests Mary hire a lawyer. The Easter Egg on this week's title card features three mushrooms.

We open in Storybrooke on Mary's empty jail cell and then cut to a nighttime shot of Mary running through the woods, so I eat a little crow, because I was starting think she didn't run of her own volition.

Back in the sheriff's station, Henry is sitting in the corridor reading his book, when Emma and Mr. Gold return. Having seen the empty cell, Henry congratulates Emma on her genius plan. Emma's been rather genius-plan free lately, so Gold asks what he means. When Henry remains tightlipped, Gold takes the hint and enters the inner office. Once Henry is alone with Emma, he apologizes. He thought Gold was "in on it" since he's representing Mary Margaret. Emma still has no idea what the child is talking about. Henry says, "The escape plan," just as Gold calls out to Emma.

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