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Anyhow, Emma finds Henry outside his school and reports that she found Mary Margaret and she's fine -- other than being on trial for murder. They're interrupted when a young girl comes up and says, "Hi, Henry." It's Paige (Grace). Emma got a good look at her through Jefferson's telescope, but she asks Henry who the girl is anyhow, and seems spooked when he says, "Paige." Emma watches the girl walk off and then asks Henry if she can see his Once Upon A Time Book.

Henry: Yeah, why?

Emma: I was curious about something.

Emma flips through the book until she comes to an illustration of Jefferson kneeling on the floor, putting his hat back in its box. She turns the page and looks at a drawing of Jefferson and Grace in the Enchanted Forest. The next picture shows Jefferson with crazy eyes. He's surrounded by hats. When Henry asks, "What? What is it?" Emma says, "Nothing." We zoom in on book-Jefferson's mad expression. The picture comes to life. And we're back in...

Wonderland. Jefferson is in a room with hundreds, or thousands or maybe even millions of hats. He works furiously and he chants and cries over and over again, "Get it to work. Get it to work. Get it to work." We cut back to...

Storybrooke School, Exterior. When Henry says Emma's name to get her attention, she jumps. The school bell rings. He has to get to class. Emma asks if she can hold onto the book. Henry considers her face and smiles. "Absolutely." Emma watches him as he trots off toward the building and then returns to the story. She raises an eyebrow and we fade to black.

I'll be back before you know it, with coverage of "The Stable Boy," which promises to be a Snow White/Regina explainapalooza. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, where one pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small.

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