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Storybrooke, Jefferson's Mansion. Emma sneaks past Jefferson and tiptoes down the hall, but when the floor creaks, she hustles into another room. We get a quick shot of Jefferson hearing the noise. Inside the other room, we hear a muffled voice say, "Memma. Hep meh." Mary Margaret has been gagged and tied to a chair. Commercial.

Emma frees Mary who tells her she was running away through the woods when Jefferson grabbed her and brought her there. Emma, of course, is there looking for Mary. Mary confesses there was a key in her cell. She doesn't know who put it there, but that's how she escaped. The ladies sneak out of the room, and thinking Jefferson is in another room down the hallway to the right, they turn left and bump smack into him. He's got a gun and a sense of humor. "I see you found Spot." Emma says she's called for backup, but Jefferson knows she's bluffing because she doesn't want anyone to know about Mary. He makes Emma tie her back up. Emma asks about the telescope and why he's been watching her. Jefferson says he needs her to do something.

Enchanted Forest, Knifingham Palace. Jefferson arrives with his hat box and asks for Regina's guarantee that if he does as she asks, Grace will want for nothing. Regina gives her word. It is to laugh. Soon Jefferson opens up his box and removes his magical top hat. Regina snarks about liking a man who dresses for the occasion. Jefferson places the hat on the floor. As it spins, he tells Regina to step back. There are all sorts of CGI magic going on here, and heavy use of a wind machine. The hat has spun itself into a portal. Jefferson encourages Regina to jump first, but she takes his arm and says they'll go together. And holy moly. Look at the cleavage on her this week. If she falls face first, she might bounce right back out of the hat.

Storybrooke, Jefferson's Mansion. Jefferson manhandles Emma into his millinery room. There's a wall of shelves filled with hats. Emma makes a vague threat that if he hurts Mary Margaret, she'll make him regret it. Jefferson says he's saving Mary's life. When Emma asks what he means, he tells her not to play stupid. They both know what happens when people try to leave Storybrooke and the curse kicks in -- the curse that keeps everyone trapped -- everyone but Emma.

Emma: Have you been reading Henry's book?

Jefferson: Henry -- you mean the Queen's father?

Emma: Henry, the Mayor's adopted kid.

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