Once Upon a Time
Heart Of Darkness

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Enchanted Forest, Night. Snow ambushes one of Regina's knights. When he falls from his horse, she smashes his foot with the pickaxe. The knight screams in pain; Snow flatly tells him it will heal eventually. She wants to know where Queenie is. When the knight refuses to answer, Snow explains her axe is so strong it can cut a diamond.

Snow: Imagine what it can do to human flesh. Soft, pliable, tender flesh.

Knight: She's in her castle for the night. In the morning, she leaves for the summer palace.

When Snow lunges at the knight, he pleads with her and says that's all he knows. Snow is incensed, because that's her game these days (and Ginnifer Goodwin rocks these scenes), and because the summer palace was built for her mother. She knocks out the knight and steals his armor -- leaving him lying naked and unconscious in forest. Grumpy confronts her, but Snow tells him to get out of her way. She's determined to get in the castle. Grumpy gives her a tough-love speech about revenge. He wants to take her back to Rumpy, because the potion changed her. Snow doesn't want her memories back, but Grumpy talks about how Rumpy is the most powerful man in the world and can do anything. That last work piques Snow's interest.

Emma goes over Mary's Storybrooke apartment with a fine tooth comb. She finds no evidence of a break in. Henry arrives, and says they have to help Miss Blanchard. Emma says she is helping, but he should leave.

Henry: Not gonna happen. You know how few scenes I get. Fricking child labor laws.

Emma explains that she's trying to see if someone broke into the apartment. She says no one has a motive, though. Henry reminds her that his mother does, since she hates Snow White. Blinded by the stupidity one gains in adulthood, Emma gives him her dubious face and points out that Regina's hatred of Snow White won't hold up in court. As they're talking, the heat comes on. Something is rattling inside the floor register. Emma removes the cover and finds a hunting knife wrapped in cloth. She and Henry share a worried look. Commercial.

Henry is at Granny's, drowning his sorrows in hot chocolate when August joins him at the counter. He knows Henry is upset about his teacher, but tells him he won't find the answer to his problems in the bottom of that mug. These lines read as cloying, but they work on-screen. August suggests Henry should look for the answers in his book.

Henry: It's just a book.

August: Is it? I think we both know that's not the case.

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