Once Upon a Time
Heart Of Darkness

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Gold: Let's just say I'm invested in your future.

[Note: Seems legit. -- Rachel.]

We cut to Rumpy's Enchanted Forest estate. He's at his wheel when Grumpy and Snow enter. Grumpy complains that the potion changed Snow. Grumpy's all duh it took away the love from her heart. There's no way to restore her to who she was. He surveys his shelves full of potions as he explains that no potion can bring back true love, and reiterates that love is the most powerful magic of all and the one he has been unable to bottle. He claims that if you can bottle love, you can do anything. He then turns his attention to Snow and asks what she really wants. She wants his help in killing the Queen. Rumpy gives her a bow and arrow and explains that she has to kill Queenie en route from her castle to the summer palace. He hands her a map and shows her where she should stand when she fires the arrow.

Rumpy: An arrow fired from this bow will get you exactly what you need. It always finds its target.

Grumpy tries to talk Snow out of this course of action, but she's in it to win it, so Grumpy says she'll have to go it alone. Snow says that was always her plan and asks Rumpy what she has to do, in return. Rumpy says she doesn't have to do anything. Snow knows his deals always come with a price. What's in it for him?

Rumpy: Let's just say I'm invested in your future.

[Note: Seems legit. -- Rachel.]

David goes to Dr. Archie Hopper's office and asks for his help in recovering memories from his blackouts. He thinks he might remember something that will help Mary Margaret. As Archie shuts his office door, we cut back to the...

Enchanted Forest, Rumpy's Estate. Charming charges in and demands Rumpy show himself. Rumpy appears behind him and tweaks him about dressing like a prince, even though he ran away from the life Rumpy gave him. David says that was a prison sentence. Rumpy warns him to be careful, because King George is a vengeful man.

Lost Fans: Well yeah, he's Charles Fricking Widmore!

Charming draws his sword and demands to know what Rumpy did to Snow. Rumpy says Charming is the one who did something to her -- he caused her pain. Rumpy says Snow never would have taken his potion, otherwise. Charming demands that Rumpy undo the potion, since all magic can be broken.

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Once Upon a Time




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