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I Will Sing My Maker's Praises
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A few readers got gold stars on Twitter for figuring out (and yes, probably via the Magical Google Machine) the origin of my headline, "I Will Sing My Maker's Praises" and its connection to this episode. Paul Gerhardt was a 17th Century German pastor and hymnist. Spellcheck says hymnist isn't a word, but spellcheck is wrong. Hymnodist would also be appropriate, but hymnist is fine. A better known Gerhardt work is "O Sacred Head Now Wounded." Since "In the Name of the Brother" features Frankenstein's past and in it, Viktor's brother is renamed Gerhardt, and SPOILER Viktor "operates" on Gerhardt, "I Will Sing My Maker's Praises" seems more appropriate. The Magical Google Machine says writer Jane Espenson grew up in Ames, Iowa. Just for giggles, I ask it about Lutheran Churches in Ames. The place is crawling with them. Back in Springfield, wherever that is, Lisa Simpson nods, knowingly. Thanks for playing! Now let's go on with our show.

We open where we left off, last week Right after Hook shoots Belle and the impact sends her across the town line and into amnesia, a supposed outsider (played by Ethan Embry) has careens down the road. He narrowly avoids Rumpy and Belle, and sends Hook flying ass over teakettle. As Hook writhes alone in well-deserved pain, Belle is freaking out. She has just been shot. She doesn't know where she is. She doesn't know Rumpy. She doesn't even recognize her own name.

Just as Emma, Charming and Snow arrive on the scene, Rumpy magically heals Belle's gunshot wound. Her shoulder feels better, but the poor girl is more frightened than ever. As Emma calls in the accident to her imaginary staff, Rumpy tells Snow and Charming about Belle.

Emma wanders over to Hook, who despite his pain, is still on the make. He tries to smile but it's more of a wince. "Hey beautiful." When Emma bends down to check out his injuries, Hook says, "Here I didn't think you'd NOTICE..." She diagnoses him with broken ribs when he screams out. Hook says, "That must be why it hurts when I laugh," because he's new to the series, and doesn't understand that I get to make the lame jokes. He's pretty banged up, but not too hurt to gloat. "Did you see his face? His own true love, gone in an instant."

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