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In The Name Of The Brother

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I Will Sing My Maker's Praises

Belle's hospital room. Gold is there, showing her the chipped cup. He asks her to hold it and take a good look. He explains that it's a talisman, but when he says, "castle," while trying to tell Belle the backstory, he freaks her out some more. When he tries to explain that he charmed the cup and that it's magic, Belle gets agitated. Grabbing the cup, she throws it across the room, where it shatters into a hundred pieces. Looking up at Gold, she pleads with him to go away. He whispers that he's sorry and limps out.

Mendel's hospital room. Emma brings Greg his personal effects (minus the watch) and gets him a glass of water. The end. Okay, it's not the end. She then questions him in such an amateur fashion that I'm convinced a random five year old off the street could do better. I hate when the show sacrifices character for plot. In an ongoing story like this, characterization is important. I'm not claiming that Emma is supposed to be the world's best sheriff. Far from it. But she's not a moron. Going back to the pilot, she was quite adept at deceiving people when needed, which makes sense for a street smart pseudo-orphan, who did some time behind bars. I'm not dignifying her questions with further attention -- they're that awkward.

Greg pretends he saw nothing before the accident because he was texting. Emma seems to believe him and says, "It's okay. I'm just glad you were honest with me." Watching her now, it seems to me she must know he is lying and lets him off with a warning in hopes of not provoking him. I'm still leaning that way, but if so, I can't figure out the next scene.

Out in the hall, Emma informs Grumpy, Whale, Red and her parents that they're in the clear. Charming hopes that everything will calm down for a few, so they can catch their breath. Emma's face is grim, so I hope she's lying to everyone so she can handle this on her own, except -- how can she do that? Doesn't keeping them in the dark put everyone at a greater risk of discovery? And? If I'm wrong, if Emma truly believes Greg, then I'm a little angry. I know last season, the show runners gave interviews in which they said Emma's superpower is dampened when she's emotional. I can understand why she'd be crappy at knowing Sydney was tricking her when she was so worried about Henry, but it seems to me that either the series has to show them working sometime, or else they need to have a very special episode in which Emma admits to herself that she wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the ass.

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