Once Upon a Time
In The Name Of The Brother

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I Will Sing My Maker's Praises

As Rumpy approaches, Hook struggles to rise. "Just like Milah, Crocodile, when you took her from me." Gold says, "But you took her first," and then kicks Hook in the face. When Emma asks Gold if he's insane, the audience yells, "He manipulated a young woman to the extent that she became an evil queen who cursed her entire world. Of course he's insane." Gold agrees with us and hops on top of Hook to continue the beating. Charming rushes over and pulls him off. It's a very junior high school fight. Emma reminds Gold he doesn't want Belle to see him like this, but that only further enrages him because he's a stranger to her. Emma says, "Murder is a bad first impression," which is an excellent argument. Between Charming asking, "What would Belle want you to do," and the siren song of the arriving ambulance (sorry), Gold is distracted from exacting revenge. Emma's imaginary dispatcher must have sent the ambulance. Good call.

As Emma orders the EMTs around, Snow realizes there's a driver in the car the hit Hook. The Charmings conclude that the driver is a stranger. Emma: "Looks like the world just came to Storybrooke." After the title card, we cut to the hospital. Whale is multi-tasking; he's studiously ignoring the voice paging him to the E.R. and drinking at the same time. We flashback to...

Frankenstonia. It's Christmas time. Viktor (look, the show changed the spelling of his name; I'm just going with it), his brother Gerhardt (Chad Michael Collins, whom my Ringlets might recognize as Agent Conroy) and Papa Frankenstein (Gregory Itzin) share a Christmas toast in front of a towering tannenbaum. Gerhardt has just been awarded the Silver Cross and Papa is bursting at the seams. Papa presents his sons with gifts. He gives Gerhardt his grandfather's pocket watch. He gives Viktor a military commission. While I am unimpressed with Papa's gifts, Papa is unimpressed with Viktor's science, and has kicked him off the gravy train, as well. Defending himself, Viktor says, "I have made great progress. The name Frankenstein is going to stand for life! Life everlasting, here on earth." Oh, as usual, dear. We flash forward to the...

Storybrooke Hospital. Emma orders the triage nurse to hide Hook, and that's a good thing because here comes Gold. I know, I usually stick to the Fairy Tale names, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I hope that by now, you've all watched and read enough to follow along when I waffle between names. Anyhow, Charming barks to no one at all to get Gold out of there. He's freaking out over Belle. Whale all but staggers out and tries to control the situation. We flashback to...

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Once Upon a Time




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