Once Upon a Time
In The Name Of The Brother

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I Will Sing My Maker's Praises

Papa Frankenstein chooses exactly that moment to enter the lab and confront Viktor -- who was spotted bringing a body into the house. When Papa sees Gerhardt's corpse, he makes it abundantly clear that the deceased was his favorite son, as if the Christmas gifts didn't do the job. Father and son argue. Finally, Viktor says he operated on Gerhardt for his father's sake, too. "I wanted you to have two sons again." Papa sneers. "And now I have none." We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Regina's house. Cora snoops around, pokes over Regina's things and sniffs her clothing. I am not making that up. It is in Henry's room she finds what she's looking for. There's a little plaque, featuring an imprint of his hand. Beneath, in childish letters, is the inscription, "FOR MOMMY." Cora smiles with delight. We cut to the...

Storybrooke Cemetery. Henry, who seems to be no better supervised now that he has two mommies and at least two (probably three) grandparents, as well as a great-grandmother of sorts in town, strolls across the cemetery and into the Mills crypt. Of course, it isn't Henry at all. It is Cora -- or currently, Hora. Inside, Hora pushes aside Regina's father's coffin, descends to the vault and calls out, "Mom?" Back in her house, which has really been bedazzled since magic came to town, Regina can hear "Henry's" voice. Approaching a wall of mirrors, she stops in front of one and waves her hand before it. She sees Hora looking for her. Hora calls out to her, asks her if she's in there and if he can come in. Regina's smile fades. Hora starts to walk away, but behind him, a secret door opens. It leads right into Regina's house. Once Hora is inside, she hugs Regina.

When Regina tells Hora she had nothing to do with Archie and that she was framed, "he" says "he" knows and always did know. When Regina asks how, Hora says it's simple. Hora is then enveloped in a dark purple cloud of smoke and turns into Cora, who says, "Because I did it." In shock, Regina says, "Mother?" Commercial.

Frankenstonia. Gerhardt's corpse is submerged in a tank full of bubbling liquid. Nearby, Viktor is looking into his microscope when Rumpy appears and asks him if "it" worked. Rumpy tells him about the enchanted hearts in his realm, and makes the deal with him that will lead to the events of "The Doctor." We flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Regina's house. What is that white tree inside with the white lights and red apples? It's so crazy, I love it. When did all this crap get in Regina's house? I like to think she's so far over the edge now that her psyche is working overtime and all these things magically appear as she sleeps. Cora wants to kiss and make up. She says she knows why Regina sent her through the looking glass and tried to have her killed, and it's all right. She claims to love her daughter and her eyes well with what are probably crocodile tears as she says she's shown her love in the wrong ways, and shouldn't have made her marry King Leopold.

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