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Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight

Aurora screams that she will never help Cora, so Cora magics her against the wall, and knocks out our fair princess. Standing over Aurora's unconscious form, Cora spits that the girl is, "Plucky." I wait for a Mary Tyler Moore/Lou Grant "I hate spunk" moment -- you know the one -- but it never comes. Instead, she makes her way over to her raven (her raven -- will this show never do right by Maleficent), pets the bird and orders it to, "Tell them."

The raven flies straight to Team Princess and lands on Snow's shoulder. Is that real? I think so, because as the raven caws and moves its wings, it ruffles Snow's hair. Snow speaks fluent bird, so she informs Emma and Mulan of its message. "Cora. We have until sundown to bring her the compass. If we don't, she'll kill Aurora."

Mulan demands the compass. Emma tells her to slow down. Mulan won't risk Aurora's life for the compass, but Emma and Snow want to find a way to save Aurora and keep the compass. Snow begs for a few hours. If they haven't defeated Cora by then, Mulan can take the compass to Cora.

To Mulan, this is a fool's errand, since they can no longer enter the Fiery Room of Dreams and wait for instructions from the Dark One. Snow sets a sister straight. She too has been under a Sleeping Curse and can return to the Netherworld. Snow needs to go into a deep enough sleep that her mind will stop protecting her from entering the Fiery Room of Dreams. She asks Mulan for some sleeping powder. Mulan is fresh out, but she does know of a place where the rare poppy may still grow. If they hurry, perhaps they can make it by sundown. Oh great, time to go back across the island, Jack forest, Emma.

Storybrooke. After Rumpy uses his magic to heal Henry's arm, Regina asks what caused this. Rumpy: "When you venture deeper into the Netherworld, instead of away, there are risks. Someone woke Aurora before her soul was ready to return. The violence of that act tore her away and injured Henry. We're lucky it wasn't worse. He'll need some time to recover, before he can be sent back." While both Regina and Charming nix the idea of once again putting Henry in harm's way, I get ready for a rant...

Sidebar. Look. I don't care that Henry got burnt even though he was wearing the magical bling. I understand Rumpy's explanation above. What I do care about is during both of Henry's trips to the Fiery Room of Dreams (in this episode), he didn't appear to try to ward off the flames. He didn't appear to try to use the necklace, nor did he, after waking, saying anything along the lines of, "I tried to use the necklace, but it didn't work." That's what has put a bee in my bonnet. They needed a reason for it to be too dangerous to allow Henry to return, so that Charming and Snow could make contact. I'm fine with that, just give me a good reason.

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