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To Catch A Thief
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Once Upon A Time, on Once Upon A Time, In New York, Neal introduces Tamara to Emma. During the first days of Storybrooke, Regina and Graham (sob) capture Kurt Flynn, who orders his son Owen to run. In contemporary Storybrooke, Owen is all grown up and posing as Gregor Mendel. When Regina figures out his true identity, he tells Regina he's not leaving town without his father. Regina lies (probably, I mean, why not go with the odds) that his father isn't there. A wooden August tries to warn Emma about Tamara, but is interrupted by Tamara, who more or less kills him with her very special taser. Tamara and Gregor Mendel make out. Blue restores adult, wooden August into the human child, Pinocchio. The boy can't remember what the man wanted to tell Emma. In L'enchantement, Belle agrees to go with Rumpy, in order to save her homeland. Back to the future...no present, well, rather recent past in Storybrooke, Hook shoots Belle. The impact forces her over the town line, which causes her to forget her original self. In L'enchantement, the seer tells Rumpy a young boy will lead him to his son, and adds, "The boy will be your undoing." Rumpy shrugs that off, with a casual, "Then I'll just have to kill him." Cut to Gold and Henry walking through Manhattan with Emma and Neal in tow.

Now, on Once Upon A Time we open in Mr. Gold's shop. With him are Emma, Neal, Charming, Snow, and the guest of honor, Henry, who is blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. The big happy family cheers and applauds, then Mr. Gold tells the child to choose one object from the shop as a present. Henry chooses a wand, ignores Neal's warning that they're powerful, and asks his newest grandfather how it works. Gold takes the wand and tells Henry he'll show him. And show him he does. As he waves the wand above Henry's head, golden flecks of fairy dust flutter about. Gold flicks his wrist. A bolt of magic washes over Henry and turns him into a(n already cracked) porcelain doll.

The family reacts with the sort of horror you'd imagine. Charming asks, "How could you do that?" Gold says, "The prophecy. The seer said the boy would be my undoing, so I have no choice. I must be his." He raises his cane and smashes his porcelain grandson to bits. Of course this is a dream sequence, so we cut to Gold's bedroom where he wakes with a start. Title card.

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Once Upon a Time




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