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To Catch A Thief

Rabbit Hole Bar. Exterior. Gold is beating Keith Soddenham within an inch of his life, when Lacey rounds the corner. Caught in the act, Gold stops and whispers her name. Lacey raises an eyebrow. "So it is true what they say about you." Gold looks from his victim to his vixen and says it's all true. Lacey closes in on him. "You're not at all who I thought you were, and I'm glad. You really are as dark as people say." Gold turns from Lacey to the still tongueless and suffering Keith, then back again. With his characteristic hand flourish he says, "Darker, dearie." Raising his cane, he adds, "Much darker," then resumes beating the pulp out of Keith. We cut to...

Snow's Hovel. Emma opens the door to find Neal, who has slung the sleeping Henry over his shoulder. Are you kidding me? He's 11 years old, not four. Emma asks if he tranquilized him. Neal plays along and says he just gave him a couple of bourbons. As he lays Henry on the sofa, he explains they had a full day at the park. Emma asks Neal if he ever thought of returning to their land. Neal reminds her he spent most of his life trying to forget it. "I didn't exactly have a fairy tale childhood." Ha. He then wonders why Emma asks, but she lies that there's no reason. Neal says August was at the park. I really think they should call him Pinocchio, now that he's again a child and has no memory of life in Storybrooke and (thank heavens) Phuket, but nobody listens to me.

According to Neal, "August" and Henry hit it off. Of "August" Neal says, "I've got to say he's actually a lot cooler as a kid. Steals less of my money." Oh good, so maybe Emma does know that Neal at least tried to set her up financially after setting her up, criminally. Too bad that couldn't have happened in an onscreen confrontation -- one which included adult August. Emma is still trying to figure out what August was trying to warn her about. When she tries to describe what happened to him, Neal offers that August got "rebooted," which pleases me. Neal is confident Emma will solve the mystery of August's warning. "If there's one thing I know about you, you don't stop until you find what you're looking for." That line hits Emma in the gut. Off her sad face, we cut to the...

Town Line. Greg meets up with Tamara. After they smooch she proposes they open "the package." Greg asks if she thinks their package will cooperate. Tamara says from what she knows about him, it won't take much convincing to get him to help. Greg asks why she thinks that. As Tamara opens the back of her rented trailer truck, she says, "Because if there's one person you can count on to do your dirty work -- it's a pirate." And there's our pretty Captain Hook, bound and gagged. And here's me, running out the door. I just want to add that I am glad Belle's cursed self is attracted to bad boys. I think it might just help me accept this couple, which I'm really going to need to do (for my own sanity) assuming they're endgame. I hope the show lets Lacey be bad on her own, and not just standing on the sidelines, cheering for Gold to be evil.

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