Once Upon a Time

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To Catch A Thief

Storybrooke. Day. Gold watches from a distance as Neal and Henry fence with Henry's wooden swords. Regina sidles up to Gold and, noting that they've both been sidelined, asks what his son is doing with hers. Gold revels in revealing that Neal is Henry's father. Regina is convinced Gold did this on purpose. Since he had a hand in arranging the adoption, she finds the coincidence too much. Gold insists it's not coincidence, but fate. Regina scoffs at the idea of Gold playing the loving grandpa and tells him Neal and the Charmings will never accept him. "I've seen your dark heart and it always wins out. You always choose darkness." Gold suggests she doesn't know him, but she disagrees. As a parting shot, she asks, "If your own son couldn't bring out the good in you, who will?" In answer, we cut to the...

Hospital. Gold knocks on Belle's open hospital room door. The real fairy tale, of course, is that a person who can sit up, take nourishment, walk and talk is still hospitalized. In our actual world, the sick and dying are routinely turfed. While she still doesn't remember their past, Belle is relieved to see that Gold didn't die. Talk turns to the heartrending phone call Gold made to Belle, when he was dying (or at least "dying") of Hook's poison. Belle can tell his feelings are true and says, "I have a sense about people. I can't explain how, but I could just tell." She accepts that although she can't remember her past, it included Gold, and tells Gold that she remembers him healing her. Gold obfuscates, by telling her she's been through a lot and has been medicated. "Once you remember who you are, it will all become clear." Belle asks if he can help her remember who she is. Gold says he will, provided she helps him do the same. "Belle, you always brought out the best in me, and right now, I need that. So yes, I will do everything I can, to bring you back -- for you and for me." Belle lays her hand on his and says they can help each other. Gold agrees and says he'll arrange to have her discharged. "You've been locked up long enough." We flash back to...

Rumpy's Estate. Belle is sobbing in her cell, when Rumpy appears to insist the crying must stop. Belle is miserable without her loved ones, and the two bicker for a moment, before Rumpy conjures up a pillow and gives it to Belle. She spits that perhaps now she'll get some sleep. Rumpy corrects her: "No, no, no, no. It's not to help you sleep, dearie. It's to muffle the cries so I can get back to work.

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Once Upon a Time




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