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To Catch A Thief

Belle and Rumpy are interrupted by a crashing sound. When Rumpy goes to investigate, Belle follows. On the main floor, they catch Robin Hood (Tom Ellis) in the act of stealing a magic wand. He raises his bow and aims at Rumpy, so of course the imp poofs to another location in the room. Robin isn't concerned, because his bow is magical. When he shoots, Rumpy poofs to yet another spot, but the arrow circles the room 'til it finds its target and sinks into his chest. Belle gasps in alarm and rushes to her captor, which really brasses me off. She was just furious at Rumpy and bawling because she so misses her family. Yeah, I know, she can see the good in people. Whatever. Every time we revisit her past with Rumpy, I grow more disillusioned with this couple, because their backstory makes her look like she has Stockholm Syndrome. It's all for naught, because the Immortal Dark One (who apparently is only vulnerable to poisoned pirate hooks) pulls the arrow from his chest and reminds Robin that all magic comes with a price. "And in your case, that's me." Cue the dramatic music and Belle's wide-eyed shock that a beast can be so beastly. Mercifully, we flash forward to the...

Hospital. Regina arrives to find Belle packing, introduces herself as Mayor, and inquires about Belle's recovery. Belle explains that Gold is getting her discharged and plans to help her remember herself. Regina stifles a laugh, bends over as if to pick up something, then conjures up a magical book of matches from The Rabbit Hole. Rising, she asks Belle if she dropped the matches. At first, Belle says she doesn't think she did, so Regina encourages her to keep looking at them. Staring at the matches, Belle becomes entranced. Smiling, she announces that she thinks she remembers who she is. The Cheshire Cat has nothing on our evil regal, who says, "Well, I'm sure Mr. Gold will be thrilled." Commercial.

Granny's Boarding House. Greg (Owen) shows Tamara a map of Storybrooke. Each spot in which he's seen magic is marked with a pushpin. He declares the town is lousy with magic, so he must be watching at home. Seriously, Show, you can't keep having Rumpy say, "Magic always comes with a price," when he, Regina, and previously Cora, generally wield the most powerful mojo with little consequence to themselves. Yes, using the sort of magic they use is what corrupted them in the first place, but magic has become far too easy and powerful for me, this season, particularly in Storybrooke. Also, I sort of wish Greg and Kurt's story had been saved for another time. It would be more interesting to me if Neal knew (before Emma found him again) that Tamara knows about magic, and if he'd brought her to Storybrooke with the idea that she could get rid of it. Tamara wouldn't have to be a white hat, or truly on Neal's side in any way. She could still be playing him for her own reasons. I guess I just miss the focus on Emma and her family. So much has happened to them in the past year, but since they're not allowed to spend much time feeling it neither is the audience. Fairy tales contain action and adventure, but their heart lies in the heart.

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Once Upon a Time




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