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To Catch A Thief

I apologize for the digression. Anyhow, Greg encourages Tamara to leave, because if Neal suspects anything, it will make their plans all the more difficult. When Tamara asks, Greg says he has yet to find his father, but he knows he's in Storybrooke. Reminding Tamara that they must take one thing at a time, he asks her if she got "the package." She confirms it's right outside town and stable. She will bring it in tonight, so she advises Greg to be ready. We cut to the...

Magical Bean Field. Charming and Snow bring Emma to it. Of course, since it's cloaked with magic, she just thinks they've brought her to an empty field. She's annoyed by the secrecy and the distraction. After all, August was trying to warn her about someone dangerous. Emma's fears are muted as she passes through the veil and sees not only the bean field, but Anton. After they hug, she notices the beans and wonders why her parents are just getting around to telling her. Charming's non-answer is that they are telling her. "We kept it a secret to protect the crop. Mother Superior cloaked the area. That way Anton can do what he does best." Anton says, "Actually, you haven't seen me play darts, but yeah, I do this pretty good." Emma says, "Anton, don't take this the wrong way, but..." Yeah, Anton, you should have said, "I do this pretty well." Oh wait, no, Emma isn't correcting his grammar. Instead, she asks why he's human size. He exposits about Cora and Regina, but then is interrupted by Grumpy, who orders him back to work.

Alone with her parents, Emma realizes the real reason her parents didn't tell her what they're up to is that they want to use the beans to make a portal back to their world. She reminds them the Enchanted Forest is fraught with ogres, destruction and danger. Charming assures her they can fix all that. It's nothing they haven't done, before. Snow adds, "We can start over, Emma." Emma is disappointed that her mother has changed her mind, too. Snow says, "Not my mind. My heart. After what I did to Cora, I think restoring our land is the best way to mend it." Charming adds it will be good for their whole family, Henry and Emma included. Oh my darlings, geographical escape is no escape at all. Regardless of the fact that Emma is from the Enchanted Forest, she considers this world her home. Charming says, "It's been nothing but cruel to you. If we go back, I think you might be able to have your happy ending." This is what I'm talking about, Show. We need more moments like this one. I'm feeling all the feels, right now. That's why I watch. Lost in thought, Emma turns from her parents. We cut to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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