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To Catch A Thief

Off-topic Sidebar: Look, I have a sick dog. She didn't eat my homework or anything, but she was spayed earlier this week, and has been having... digestive issues, ever since. I pretty much write a paragraph and then have to take her outside... again. She (and a... sample, oh joy) have to go to the vet, and her appointment is right at deadline, so you're going to get the skinny from here on out.

Laceybelle is wearing a heavily sequined dress for her date at Granny's. Granny cracks that it looks like she hit the back of Ruby's closet. Ha. I miss Ruby. The nervous Gold assumes Lacey will want a burger and an iced tea, but again, she isn't Belle. It's Chicken Parm and (a whole bottle of) white wine for her. Oh Show, if you really want her to be a bad girl, she should order the veal (and red wine). Lacey wants to talk about Gold's bad reputation as a ruthless, powerful turd, but he insists he's just a simple man. People like to believe the worst of him, but he'd rather she sees the best. She says she's discounting the rumors, and when she tells him you can't see what's in a person's heart until you truly know them, Gold is so overwhelmed by this sliver of Belle, that he manages to spill his iced tea on her. Lacey heads to the restroom to clean up, leaving Gold alone with that cruel bitch known as hope. We flash back to...

L'enchantment. Rumpy and Belle are arguing whether or not he has any goodness in him. Eventually Rumpy stops the carriage. The sodden Sheriff of Nottingham (let's call him Soddenham) approaches and Rumpy asks for help in locating his prey. Soddenham will help him catch his thief, in exchange for a night with Belle, or at least an hour, or hell, 20 minutes. In response, Rumpy magically rips Soddenham's tongue from his mouth and makes his counter offer. He'll restore the tongue, and then Soddenham can tell him everything he knows about the thief. Soddenham nods, and once that cat no longer has his tongue he says they can find Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. Commercial.

Granny's Diner. Granny delivers the dinners, but Lacey never returns from the rest room. Suspecting he's been ditched, Gold checks the empty restroom, then heads out the back door. He'd better not stiff Granny for the check, magic or no, or there will be hell to pay. We flash back to...

Sherwood Forest. Rumpy and Belle find Robin Hood. He runs to an approaching wagon, which bears an ailing woman. It's Marian (played by Christie Laing). Robin waves the magic wand over her and heals her. Belle is chuffed that she was right, and Robin stole the wand for a noble purpose. Rumpy magically sinks her waist-deep in the ground, intending to make her watch as he shoots the thief with his own never-miss bow. She tells him he doesn't have to do this. There's good in him, just as there is in the thief. When Marian rises from the wagon, it's apparent she is with child. Belle tells Rumpy he's not the kind of man to leave a child fatherless. Hello, irony. Rumpy watches as the couple kisses, then shoots the bow, but it hits the wagon, not Robin. Since the bow is magical, this must mean Rumpy had second thoughts, but it's not enough for me, where he and Belle are concerned. Belle feels differently. Despite Rumpy's assertion to the contrary, she is pleased he spared Robin's life and gives him a big hug. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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